Fat Burning Workout For Toned Thighs And Sculpted Abs

Fat Burning Workout For Toned Thighs And Sculpted Abs

For this fat burning workout you don’t need equipment at all (only a timer). This workout is a timed high intensity interval training (HIIT). It burns fat and tones your tighs and abs too! Here’s what we’re gonna do:

Fat burning workout for beginner and advanced

The fat burning workout has 3 stages. The first stage, you need to do each move for 45 seconds each. Second stage is 30 seconds a move. And third and final stage is 20 seconds a move to really push you to your limits. The 4 fat burning moves are:

1. Froggy hops

With legs really wide apart and hands over each other, squat until you touch your fingers to the floor and then jump high. Keep your back nice and flat otherwise you’re gonna hurt yourself. If your feet are sensitive make sure you wear sneakers.

2. Pushup plank

Do a pushup, put a hand in the center to sustain your whole body in it and at the same time raise up the other hand. Get back into the pushup position. Repeat the moves.

3. Inner thigh lunge

Stand up straight with your hands together. Lay down on one leg while the other one remain straight. Alternate legs.

4. Criss-cross abs

Get in the crunch position with your hands behind your head. Keep your shoulders off the mat. Twist opposite shoulder with the opposite knee while the other leg remains straight. Alternate sides. These criss-cross abs are really burning fat, working your abs, legs and even your arms.

When you’re done with the first stage of exercises you can rest a few seconds but you’ll see in the video below that Cassey Ho doesn’t. So let’s start the fat burning workout! Enjoy the video!

This fat burning workout is not that long (just 6 minutes and 30 seconds without rest) but is extremely effective. Let me know your thoughts about this insane workout in the comment section below.

fat burning workout with cassey ho

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