Essential Fitness Tips During The Day

Essential Fitness Tips During The Day

Essential Fitness Tips

Those who want broad shoulders, abs and iron biceps should know that the general development of the muscles is not made just in the gym.

Just as important as workout sessions at the gym is your daily lifestyle. To help those who are on the road of a healthy and pleasant lifestyle, we came up with essential fitness tips reported at certain times of the day.

How Your Day Should Be:

07:00 – The first thing you need to do it when you wake up is to drink about half a liter of water, helping to increase metabolism.

07:30 – Cereals might not be the best option for breakfast. Instead, it is recommended that a mix of cereals, skimmed yogurt and berries.

08:00 – If not stay far from work, it is recommended to walk or ride your bike.

09:00 – Experts recommend black coffee (cream or sugar considering that contribute to the calories).

10:00 – Mobilizing the shoulders and position your back straight.


11:00 – Workout sessions must be scheduled with an alarm. Experts say that those who receive the alarms that have to go to training tend to do more exercise.

12:00 – Eating protein. Mainly recommended chicken and steak.

13:00 – Reducing the conditioning air at work. Working in a medium at a normal temperature doesn’t get you tired so much and is less likely to skip your daily exercise .

14:00 – A nap . A sleep even 15 minutes helps increase the hormones that stimulate muscle growth .

15:00 – Move your feet . If you go numb to the hall will not be able to work your leg muscles .

16:00 – Drink black coffee . Caffeine blocks the relieve of pain and fatigue , resulting in a more intense workout .

17:00 – Skip painkillers. Ibuprofen taken before training blocks muscle growth , although help with muscle soreness .

18:00 – Go to a massage after training. Only ten minutes massage can help massively recovery .

19:00 – Chew more. Chewing long can reduce appetite.

20:00 – More Vitamin D. This acts as a hormone and increases the production of testosterone.

21:00 – Record your progress .

22:00 – Drink a protein shake . This helps with 23% in terms of muscle growth during sleep.

23:00 – Go to sleep . Sleep at the same time every day is crucial in terms of maintaining body weight.

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