10 Exercises You Can Do While Watching TV

10 Exercises You Can Do While Watching TV

10 Exercises You Can Do While Watching TV

Sport should be a compulsory activity in your daily schedule, but always you put it on the last task and usually is the only task that you do not fulfill.

Exercise, even those made while you watch TV, help you get rid of fluffy belly, to tone your muscles, accelerate metabolism burning and relieve stress. Here are 10 exercises you can do while watching your favorite show.

1. Lift “Fluid” Weights

Fill two 0.5l bottles with water. While watching your favorite program on TV, sit down on the bed and lift the bottles. This exercise will help you tone your arm muscles. As you get used to this exercise, the weight increases to 1 liter, and 1.5, because in the end to reach the weight of 2 liters.

2. Perform Lunges

Lunges are great exercises, simple but super effective and you can perform even while you watch TV. Lunges help you strengthen your leg muscles and buttocks muscles. Stand straight and stretch right back leg, while the other one is flexible. Maintained, then change leg. Exercise 2: Sit down and stretch one leg sideways. Hold this position, then change leg.

3. Do Squats

While you watch TV, do some squats. Start with fewer then more and more. In this way you can avoid muscle soreness.

4. Walk In Place

It says that walking makes your legs prettier. Walking in place can be just as beneficial. While you watch TV, pretend you walk. This exercise works your abs and legs and helps you burn more calories. Stop only while commercial breaks.

5. Dance

Dancing is a great way to do sport while you watch TV. Choose to look at the music station to see the choreography in videos and try to do yourself those moves.

6. Do Crunches

While you watch TV, lie down on the ground, flex your knees, place your hands behind your head and start doing crunches. In just a few days, your tummy will be firmer and will get rid of the “fluffy” belly.

7. Exercise For Back

Do you want to have a bulging and firm butt? Then here’s what you need to do in front of the TV: Lie on your back and lift the basin so that you only support in the shoulders and feet. Hold a few seconds in this position, relax and repeat the exercise several times.

8. Thigh Exercise

While you watch TV, sit down on your knees, palms on the ground. Keep one knee on the ground and the other one rise it aside and let it down. Repeat the moves with both legs.

9. Work Your Abs

Sit in a chair and rest your hands on it, then lift your legs up against the chest. Your abdomen will look sensational after a while.

10. Execute Wall Pushups

Sit in front of a wall, supporting yourself with your hands on it, then push your arms like classic pushups exercise. These exercises help you have stronger arms, but work your butt and abs too.

10 exercises while watching tv

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