Victoria’s Secret Models Legs | Video Exercises

Victoria’s Secret Models Legs | Video Exercises

Victoria’s Secret Models Legs

Victoria’s Secret models legs are certainly a universal standard of beauty. Discover how you too can get the same physical shape through a series of fun exercises on stiletto heels.

We know that when you think of exercise come into your mind sports equipment, mattress and possibly some dumbbells. But I intend to try a number of sexy moves in an unusual outfit. You will need, therefore, a pair of high heels, a pair of shorts (or three quarters pants) and a T-shirt or a shirt.

The below training was created by fitness and Pilates instructor Casey Ho. Casey is the author of the Blogilates blog, which was named by “Fitness” as “Best healthy lifestyle blogger” and who earned the title of “Next Trainer” from YouTube.

In the video below, Casey shows you a series of simple exercises, but intense, that will work all the muscles of the legs, thighs, hips and even the buttocks. Before you try the exercises for Victoria’s Secret models legs, we recommend you not to choose a pair of shoes with the highest heel that you own. A frame of 7 or 9 cm is enough. From 10 cm up you risk losing your balance easier and even broke your ankle.

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Victoria's Secret models legs

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