5 Fingers Shoes Can Damage Your Health!

5 Fingers Shoes Can Damage Your Health!

5 Fingers Shoes Are Not Healthy As It Looks

Sure the 5 fingers shoes have attracted your attention. You’ve seen them in stores, on Facebook or at the gym. 5 fingers shoes phenomenon grow more and more.

Did you ever thought to wear them too? Well, if so, change your mind. A recent study by researchers of Brigham University showed that new invention in the field of footwear is not as healthy as it is interesting.

The concept of running shoes is relatively new, dating from the ’60s. Until the creation of running shoes, athletics is practiced in bare feet. Now, after several decades of existence of specially designed shoes for running, although there are also a lot of designs shoes barefoot running concept back through 5 fingers shoes that perfectly fit the foot.

Everything began in 2010, when a study of people from Harvard concluded that running barefoot would be more effective than its feet protected. But findings were misinterpreted. Those who run barefoot, feel comfortable, but not at all faster than those with running shoes.

With the advent of sport shoes with toes, the University Brigham started a new study wanted to prove that they are not recommended for people who practice sports intense. Research is still ongoing, but at this time, experts advise us to be aware. We have lived all our life using classic shoes and our bones and muscles have adapted to these conditions. If you still insist to make a change, it must come gradually to give the foot a chance to adjust.

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