Sculpt Your Silhouette With These 6 Exercises

Sculpt Your Silhouette With These 6 Exercises

Perfect strategy to sculpt your silhouette and obtain the physical condition you admire to see is to keep in mind the body muscles and to work them properly.

FitneAss urges you to know what exercise you need to do for the buttocks, for example, or legs. It is easy to see that each part of the body must work as such and paying due attention to each of them, the results will pick up to your expectations.

Exercises To Sculpt Your Silhouette

Here are the best 6 exercises to sculpt your silhouette:

1. Want An Amazing Back?

You have to work the Latissimus Dorsi, the largest muscle in the back, which is attached to the posterior of the tissue found in the sides of the buttocks.

Exercise: Sit down on a chair with legs extended, heels on the ground and toes pointing to the ceiling. You’ll need a rope for this exercise and need to place it under your feet, holding a handle in each hand. Pull the handles on the sides, as much as possible, while tensing the posterior muscles. Then return to the starting position. Do 3 sets of 12 repetitions.

sculpt your silhouette

2. Want Six Pack Abs?

You have to work Serratus anterior muscle found at the sides of the chest. The exercise below strengthens this muscle and your abs will be well defined.

Exercise: Lay down on your back with legs extended and hold a weight in each hand. Keep your right hand at your side, raise your left arm over your head and also lift your shoulders and head off the floor. Count to three and then get back into the starting position and repeat with the other arm. Do 10 repetitions for each arm.

sculpt your silhouette

3. Want Beautiful Legs?

Then you must work intensively Tibialis anterior muscle. Once toned, it will create those perfect line legs.

Exercise: Sit down on a chair with your knees bent and feet on the ground. Put your left leg over the right one. You will need a dumbbell that has an elastic tie at one end, which will be hanged by your left foot. Tighten the left foot, pointing your toes to the ceiling, and then relax it. Perform 15 repetitions for each leg.

perfect silhouette 2

4. Want Well Done Shoulders ?

You have to focus your exercises on the Rotator Cuff, the group of four muscles located above the shoulders. Dumbbell curls can be effective, but this exercise doesn’t work all four muscles.

Exercise: Stand facing the wall at the distance of your arm’s length. Touch the wall with your right palm, stretching your arm. Place a small plastic ball between your palm and wall. With small movements rotate the ball clockwise and then counterclockwise. Do 20 repetitions each for each hand.

perfect silhouette 3

5. Want A Well Defined Butt?

Maybe squats and lunges will seem effective for your posterior muscles, but not sufficient, however. You must also consider exercises that work Gluteus Medius muscle, which creates those holes at the sides of the buttocks.

Exercise: Lie aside on the ground, leaning on your right elbow. Bend your right knee and keep your left leg and left arm perfectly straight aside. Raise your left leg a few inches from the floor, count to 30, then return to starting position and relax for 2 seconds. Do 10 repetitions for each leg.

perfect silhouette 4

6. Want Strong Arms?

Then you have to work the Posterior Deltoid muscle, which is located behind the shoulder, just above the triceps.

Exercise: For this exercise you will need an elastic rope. Stand straight with your feet slightly apart and arms at your sides. Hold the rope with your both hands and raise it above your head. Stretch the elastic rope and count to five, then relax and return to the starting position. Do 3 sets of 12 repetitions.

perfect silhouette 5

As you can see, these exercises to sculpt your silhouette are a full body workout that you can easily perform both in the gym and at home. If you enjoyed these 6 exercises to sculpt your silhouette please share them with your friends and family. Stay fit!

Exercises To Sculpt Your Silhouette

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