Fitness Secrets With Bikini Model Coryn Salazar

Fitness Secrets With Bikini Model Coryn Salazar

If you want some sexy six-pack abs, female fitness model Coryn Salazar is gonna give you her fitness secrets and tips on how to get those.

1. Most important fitness secret is not actually a secret; is nutrition and everyone knows it. You got to have a clean diet. When they say “Abs are made in the kitchen“, that’s 100% true. So make sure to eat a clean diet, eat your 6 small meals in a day.

2. Get in the gym and do some cardio. To tone your abs you need to burn that body fat. Lift some weights too, don’t be afraid. Weight training is so important and women don’t really understand this. They think that cardio is for them. Wrong!

Lifting weights is what is gonna get you tight and firm. You’re not gonna tone doing cardio. The more weight you lift, the more calories you burn, the faster you’re gonna lose weight. Lift heavy, lift 3-6 days a week if you have time. Women, don’t be afraid of weight lifting because you’re not gonna get big unless you’re doing steroids and taking in a ton of calories.

3. There’s a lot of workouts online where you can choose from. We have a huge section with exercises and workouts, go and check it out. It’s all about consistency so make sure you’re doing the ab exercises more than once a week. Follow the routines and you have those abs in no time.

What Are Your Fitness Secrets?

Here is the interview with Coryn who shares the fitness secrets that helped her build that astonishing body:

1. What Are Some Foods That You’re Eating In A Day?

There’s no secret, no fitness secrets, no health secrets: I just eat foods very high in proteins and carbs. Definitely, don’t believe in not eating carbs. That’s where you burn energy at the gym. So something I eat a lot is:

  • chicken breast (the thigh has a little too much fat in it);
  • turkey;
  • tilapia, tuna, even halibut (the fish is really good);
  • brown rice;
  • sweet potatoes or yams;
  • oatmeal.

All these complex carbs are really good carbs.

2. What About Fruits And Vegetables?

I try to stick to bananas, berries, and apples when I’m eating fruits. I just find these more beneficial and they’re not as sweet, they don’t have as much sugar in them. As far as vegetables I like everything green:

  • asparagus;
  • broccoli;
  • spinach;
  • green beans.

When I’m dieting normally I try to stay away from salt because it retains more water. As for seasonings, I use a lot of pepper, lemon juice, and lime juice.

3. What Sweets Do You Eat?

I like peanut butter and avocado. I know it’s fatty but they’re good fats. One of my favorite smoothies is with apple, half of a banana, a few blackberries mixed up with peanut butter, and a little bit of ice and water. This is just delicious!

4. How Many Days A Week Do You Lift Weights In The Gym?

I lift weights 6 days a week for about an hour and a half. And I do cardio too, also 6 days a week for 25 to 45 minutes depending on how clean my diet is. If my diet is clean I usually do 25 minutes of cardio but if I’m not super strict on my diet I do 45 min to an hour of cardio a day. The cleaner your diet is, the less work you have to put in.

5. What’s More Important, The Weight Train Or The Cardio?

I think definitely weight training. When you’re weight train, you’re not only burning calories as you’re working out but even after you leave the gym. Even after your workout you’re still consistently burning calories. So I prefer weight training over cardio.

6. What’s The Single Most Important Thing To Success?

I think that the most important thing is consistency, whether it’s with your clean diet or exercising. If you’re only exercising once a week, of course, you’re not gonna get any results.

If you’re kinda sort eating clean you’re gonna kinda sort looking good. So stick with the program. If you veer off every once in a wild it’s ok, I cheat too, everyone does. Just make sure you get back on track and stay consistent with your workout and your diet.

All of my fitness secrets summarize to this: Even if your diet is not perfect, as long as you’re putting in the work and burning off the calories doing some cardio you’re gonna look great.

Coryn Salazar fitness secrets

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