Dissociated Diet | Loreen Story And Schedule

Dissociated Diet | Loreen Story And Schedule

My name is Loreen, I’m 19 and I’m from London, UK. Since I was a little child I had problems with weight. At 14 I tried to keep a very strict diet in two months managed to lose about 18 pounds, but then returning to unhealthy eating habits, I immediately put the lost weight back.

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In early 2012 I started fitness, hoping that will help me, but had not considered and proper nutrition. For 3 months I have not had any results, because I ate as badly as before. Then I realized it was time to do something about nutrition, so I chose dissociated diet, which lasted three months, during which I lost 42 pounds.

The Dissociated Diet

This diet is divided in 4 days, but whatever day, morning meal consists only in fruit. After the fourth day schedule resumes for 90 days.

  • First day – protein: lunch meat, cheese or eggs and chicken broth (just juice) plus a slice of bread, and in the evening the same thing, except soup.
  • The next day – fruit at lunch and dinner.
  • Third Day – carbs: spaghetti lunch (just cooked) spaghetti with various sauces and in the evening a quarter of the cake.
  • Fourth day – fruits all day.

It was not at all hard to accommodate me and I felt really good.

In summer, after finishing the diet I started to eat healthy, but with small glitches. At the gym I went sometimes twice a day, thing that I still do. I love sports and fitness, aerobics, tae-bo, kangoo jumps and step-tons. Earlier this year, I decided to keep again this dissociated diet, managed to lose another 6 pounds.
I maintained after the dissociated diet and the first and the second time because I changed my lifestyle.

I currently have 130 pounds and I have not yet reached the ‘target’. Because the sport is now part of me, my target in this regard is to become a fitness instructor, Kangoo Jumps and aerobics. I want to look better, and why not, as one of those fitness models.

dissociated diet


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6 years ago

This seems like it was translated from Chinese to ‘engrish’…
Sorry to whoever wrote it, but grammar actually does add to the validity ans believability of an article.