How To Lose 40 Pounds In Two Months With Katie

My name is Katie Marie Peterson and I started my weight loss journey on March 31 2013. After 2 months I managed to lose 40 pounds. When I began my journey I was 211 pounds and I was pretty devastated.

I’ve gone over that point and I’ve been working very hard and after 2 months I weighted 165.6 pounds which means I have lost 45.4 pounds. And that just feels incredible!

How To Lose 40 Pounds

I want to help anyone who’s trying to lose 40 pounds, pretty much telling what I’ve done. At the beginning I wasn’t as good but now I’ve been into a routine. By the way, routines really help to lose weight.

Work Out Hard

I’ve been working out every single day, 7 days a week. I know that sounds a little bit overboard but if you’re trying to lose 40 pounds in 2 months and you don’t want to gain it back instantly, you really need to exercise hard.

I’ve been working out 2 hours on the elliptical every single day. At the beginning of my weight loss journey I wasn’t able to work out as much as I am now. So I would maibe do 100 minutes a day and I didn’t realize there are resistance levels. I was doing level zero but I was still putting in the effort.

My eating wasn’t the best too, but if you really wanna lose even more weight than 40 pounds you need to start eating well from the very beginning. I write down every day what I eat and what I work out and it really helps me keep tracking. I looked at what I was eating and my first day of working out I was like:

“Oh I did really good, I had a bean and chees burrito for lunch and for dinner I had a hand full of Fritos and two tacos. I did good for today.”

I wondered why I wasn’t loosing as much weight. 🙂

I’ve been loosing consistently 5 pounds every single week and in the 8th week I lost 4 pounds in just 4 days. This means that what I’m doing is still working. This is why I wrote this post because I think these results will work on you too.

Eat Less And Healthy

I’ve been eating Cheerios like no other. They’re 110 calories per serving (one cup) and compare to other cereals they are low in calories and taste really great. I’ve been having a bowl of Cheerios every breakfast and then for lunch I have a salad and some grapes. I know no one likes salad but if you try to lose 40 pounds in two months you need to eat some.

For dinner I have another bowl of Cheerios and for snacks I have a couple of fruits.

Today I had almost a full pack of grapes for myself and then ran three miles! Tonight is this low calorie dish of broccoli, carrots, celery, onion, Brussels sprouts, egg whites and pistachios. Not seasoning or oil! Here is a pic:

Two different delicious lunch options: quinoa wrap or tomato basil pesto sandwich. Photo below:

So if you want to lose 40 pounds in two months, I recommend you to:

  • Work out for 2 hours on elliptical every single day. And if you don’t like the elliptical, try a total body workout program.
  • Eat low calorie cereals like Cheerios, a lot of salad, fruit as snacks and veggies.

This program is extreme, so you’ll feel really tired. Be careful and if you don’t feel well, just stop this process. This is the way I’ve done it and it worked for me. Hope it works great for you too, and you’ll manage to lose 40 pounds in two months, as I did.

Here is a before and after picture. And yes, I have my boobs done. 🙂

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  1. the 17 day diet is MUCH more reasonable and you can lose close to this much weight also…your diet and exercise routine is super extreme…if you are constantly tired, you are not eating properly…and i’m reading so many comments from young kids on here it makes me sad/scared…The biggest “goal” you should have is AFTER you lose the weight, maintaining and keeping it off…a normal/healthy lifestyle…the worst thing people can do is yo-yo crash diet…

  2. Starting 9/28/17. A little about me: 155 lb 16 year old female 5’4.
    Current bench: 95 pounds
    Current squat: 140 pounds

    Losing weight for boyfriends USMC graduation. Hopefully about 40 pounds. Will update 11/28/17

  3. Can you weight lift on this? I’m not looking to build bulk muscle but I’m trying to train and get fit for the police academy and I can’t afford to lose muscle mass. Thanks!

  4. So in 13 and I weigh 140 pounds its just the start of summer and i wanna get the perfect bikkini body i do have stretch marks on my hips and around my belly and i would like to lose 20 or more pounds.

  5. I’m 11 years old and 5 foot 2 I wan’t to way 105 but I’m 141 I really need to loose this extra weight but it’s hard I wan’t to have that beach body for the pool because I basically live there in the summer

    1. you can get started by walking or riding a bike every day, lots you can do besides an elliptical. You can also do 20 minutes 3x or 4x a day, it doesn’t have to be two hours in a row. At your age you need to eat healthy food (brain food!) so don’t cut out lean protein like whole eggs, chicken or fish. grab some nuts too every now and then, don’t eat just salad. Good luck!

  6. Im 5ft1 and im 140lb I really need to lose 40lbs So i can be at my ideal weight. I started working out but I feel my fat getting soft and squishy I dont know if thats a good thing or not ):

  7. Instead of the elliptical using weight training would be a better benefit. Muscle burns more fat even when you finish. Increase lean protein and vegetables you can eat more and lose just as much weight.

  8. I used to weight 85kg (187 pounds) like half a year ago and I have always hated my body more and more through the years because i have been bullied since kindergarten.. I fell into a depression (which i still have + other physical problems as social anxiety and so on) and lost my apetite and it has gotten even worse now, i can go days without getting hungry and feel ill whenever i eat or get full, water is like my best friend now.. I have lost 20kg (44 pounds) that way and i hate it.. I want to lose weight in a healthy way so i will try this and TRY to eat more… But it will be hard since nobody in my family is supporting me… I will come back and tell you how it went within 2 months.. if i made it or not.. 🙂

  9. I’m 11 and 4’11ft and 130lb and i am sick of being fat i want to be 80lb and i will work as hard as i can to be that weight can any one give me a meal plan and tell me what is the best exercise i for belly fat loss and my goal is to be 80lb by February 25 can someone please help me!!

    contact me at
    or just talk to me on this website

  10. I’m 12 and 5ft and 150 lbs I try to loose weight because I NEED to and I want to I’m doing school cheer, front row! But I need to loose 40 lbs fast it’s December and I want to be as skinny as possible by march

  11. All together how many calories a day did you consume approx?
    And in the before and after you look like you lost way more than 40 pounds.
    And then maybe is this another 40
    Because you look approx 120/125
    You look so amazing.
    I want to loose 40-45 pounds
    All my life I have been 130/135 and for the past 2 years I ballooned to an extra 40 pounds (170) people love it since I used to be a really pretty girl and now I am very round in the face 😥

  12. Also when I was a baby I had a terra time surgery and they messed up all the muscle in my stomach so that makes it hard

  13. Okay, so I am a 15 year old female. I’m 5″8 and weigh 180. I’ve tried everything possible and it’s super hard for me to lose. I don’t have very good self esteem because my own parents and family tell me I’m fat and I look like I’m pregnant. I want to be about 125-130 lbs. can anybody help???

    1. Your own parents tell you you’re fat? That. Is. AWFUL. Honey, you’re BEAUTIFUL. If you want to lose weight, do it for you, and not for anyone else. Try low calorie meals, lots and lots of protein like chicken and turkey and stay away from carbs. Maybe take small walks around the park or your neighborhood too

    2. I’m 5’9″ – 26yrs old I just had a baby so I gained a bunch of weight but pre pregnancy, I would run 3 miles at about a 9 minute pace (which is pretty slow)…it’d take me almost 30 mins to do my run. I’d eat 7 times a day but in portions that were very small; not to exceed 1800 calories per day. An example would be egg whites and turkey bacon for breakfast, low fat vanilla yogurt snack, sandwich (no more than 400 calories), 2 boiled eggs for snack, for dinner I’d have a salad, grilled chicken, brown rice, small amount of teriyaki or soy sauce. Drink water, no juices or soda. At my smallest I was 140lbs., I looked really toned and healthy. Email me if you need healthy recipes/snack ideas.

    3. Hi ,
      Well I have been lately reading a lot of books about weight loss and the way I have found best is that you should avoid all sugar
      Sugar in sense of bread chocolates biscuits potatoes etc. I mean all vegetables and fruits except banana , potatoe , too much grapes , mango.
      And walk for about 30-40 mins each day
      And you will see the difference
      But thE key point is to be patient
      This really has helped me to lose weight.
      And I would recommend Dr.Berg books they are so helpful.
      Lastly when you wake up drink hot water with lemon and a little bit of honey and the bonus could be the mint which really helps your metabolism to be faster
      And like I do I keep a bottle with lemon and mint too so wherever I want to drink water i drink that
      If you crave sugar go for almond flour cakes with dark chocolate.
      I hope this help

    4. Simple. Make sure you are not eating food with too much calories. Eat raw fruits and vegetables. Dont eat stomach full , that gives you big belly even if you are slim. Cut down the quantity. But you can eat 5 to 6 times a day.

      Next, do workouts consistently. 1hr work out is enough. Make sure you are doing cardio as well as weight training. No need to lift too heavy though. As you wanna lose fat, do more cardio. Workout 5 days in a week at least.

      Finally, sleep well. Make sure you are sleeping 8 hrs daily. Changes happens when you sleep.

      Following all these 3 are must for a good body. Remember you cannot achieve your goal body overnight. It takes months of hard work. Once you are comfortable with this routine, it is easy to follow.

      All the best!

  14. Could you possibly tell me what exercises you did so I know the best possible ones and what you regularly eat or is what you had already mentioned is all you eat… because personally I wouldn’t be able to eat the same thing everyday xD please and thanks so much

  15. Her before and after is a 94lbs difference in 4 months! Look her up on youtube and insta: misspinkmeltsaway

  16. Your after pic can’t be at two months as it takes quite a while to recover from a boob job and there’s no way you can exercise for two hours a day after surgery. If people want to lose weight fast but in a healthy way then you need to read Eat To Live by Dr. Fuhrman or start doing green smoothie cleanses every month (10-12 days per). Everyone please keep in mind that not everyone can lose weight fast, younger peeps lose faster than older folks and men lose weight faster than women. Do it healthy and you can’t go wrong. Do it this way and you may cause more harm than good to yourself.

  17. Hi Katie,
    This does not seem like a very healthy diet to promote on the internet. I am sure younger girls than you are looking at this and going I’m going to do this. Do you really think eating the same thing everyday is good for you. I think you should become more educated on nutrition and exorcise before posting things like this online and calling it a program. A lot of people may see this as a good way to loose weight fast but not everyone looking at this is an adult. I am only telling you this because I am a mother of a young girl with an eating disorder who watches your videos. You made her believe that spending hours a day exorcizing was good for her. She even told me it was healthy to only eat a salad everyday. I am not blaming you for anything but you should think about who you are inspiring. Not everyone watching your youtube or reading this is an adult that realizes that this is unhealthy.

    1. I agree. What I read was a very unhealthy diet plan. You have to eat according to your weight, height, and physical activities so that you don’t lose muscle mass. It doesn’t matter how much you way as long as you look and feel healthy.

    1. Hi Jenn,
      She did exactly what she described in the article: ate a lot less and a lot healthier, and exercised more than an hour every day, no exception.
      You can’t go wrong with this, but be aware that it’s not the healthiest way to do it. It gives results though.

  18. Hi Katie,

    I too have lost over 40 lbs in two months, my diet was much different, but I am not one to criticize others as different things work for different people. I am continuing to lose weight until I get to my goal and are glad to hear your story!


    1. Can you please tell us your story I want to loose weight but its very tough for me . can you please help me

    2. Glad you were able to make it Katie, I will try to accomplish the same :)) and know it come be done … you are an inspiration 🙂 Bravo Katie 🙂 🙂

  19. I’m happy for your success, but this is kind of terrible advice.

    If one is trying to get fit or just be healthy, then you need to cut out the processed shit, including cereal. Look at the ingredients list. There’s plenty in there that should scare you. I didn’t see much protein in your diet. Protein is essential in fat loss because it helps to give you energy, keeps you fuller longer, rebuilds your muscles, and it also takes the longest to break down in your stomach meaning you burn more calories by simply digesting it. You also need healthy fats in your diet, a lot of vegetables, and complex carbs (i.e.- quinoa, brown rice, sweet potatoes, etc.)

    In terms of exercise, you don’t want to stick to doing two hours of the same thing. Your body will plateau. The best thing you can do for fat loss is high intensity interval training, which will constantly trick your body so your metabolism doesn’t fatigue. Think about it. Most of the calories that you burn are when you’re NOT exercising. So you need to increase your metabolism. Also, you’ll need to strength train a few times a week. More lean muscle means more calories burned at rest.

    Some other tips would be to get plenty of sleep to keep your cortisol levels at bay and to do activities that help to keep your stress low. Your body’s hormones can play a significant role in your weight loss journey. And of course, drink plenty of water. Drinking green or oolong tea can boost your metabolism (so long as you don’t add any sugar). Losing fat is 80% diet and 20% working out.

  20. Hi katie thank you for sharing..I find you very insprational to alot of people out there.I am gonna start your program soon.

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