The Winner Of The Biggest Loser Danni Allen

The Winner Of The Biggest Loser Danni Allen

Greet the New Year with desires, ideals and well defined objectives! We decided to motivate you, to make you stand up and lose weight! This is the story of the winner of slimming show The Biggest Loser U.S. in 2013. Before and after pictures will motivate you to turn this new year 2014 into a success against extra pounds!

The final episode of Season 14 of American show The Biggest Loser has been very exciting! When Danni Allen entered the plateau show displaying wonderful silhouette, emphasized by a red dress and in the background was projected a picture of her obese, the audience had actually feel like anything is possible. If that woman with many extra pounds managed to remove them through hard work, it means that anyone can! Just be determined and have a latch that makes you say, “Okay, that’s it.”

Danni Allen is the biggest looser and at the age of 26 she reduced her weight to half. This is a story of determination and ambition!

The Story Of The Biggest Loser

How I gained weight: My weight was a culmination of wrong nutrition choices and lack of exercise. I think I fooled myself eating healthy foods such as fruits and whole grains . My problem was that I was eating huge portions! Of all, the biggest problem was my state of mind. I didn’t believe in me, I had “a book of excuses” and I never thought I can do this.

Latch: My father came to the hospital in February 2012. I got that terrible phone that the whole family was called to the hospital. It was the worst moment of my life , so I thought I would lose my father. By a miracle, something changed and my father fully recovered . I celebrated the anniversary of 50 years in hospital – when I knew I had to change. I wanted the age of 50 years to be only half of my life and if I do not change habits , would like me to spend my 50th year in the hospital.

How I lost weight: Coach Jillian Michaels beat the sh*t out of me! Mentally and physically! The first thing I learned was that I have to maintain my strong psyche , otherwise I will have no chance of success in terms of my weight . I really worked on acquiring a mentally strong! Once I did that , the sky was no limit! I monitor daily calories intake and consumption , using an application. Now I feel I can dream again. I feel like Forest Gump, I feel like running all over America! The sky is the limit !

Rules Of Trainer Jillian Michaels

Eat plenty of fresh, organic , unprocessed foods.
Go out every day or at least 4-6 times a week.
Adapt your menu so you eat healthy when you’re not home – when you’re in town or on vacation.
Manage your stress levels and get enough rest.
Create yourself a life plan, not just weight loss, based on these recommendations. Forget the diet! You will be able to lose weight and stop gaining weight again.

The Biggest Loser’s Menu For A Day

Breakfast: non-fat Greek yogurt with fresh fruit, a cup of coffee.
Lunch: beef burger with organic whole wheat bun, lettuce.
Snack: hummus with raw vegetable sticks.
Dinner: Chicken breast strips grilled with garnish of black beans.

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