Is Scale Your Friend Or Your Enemy When Dieting?

Is Scale Your Friend Or Your Enemy When Dieting?

Is The Scale Your Friend Or Enemy?

Hello FitnAss lovers, my name is Luana and I lost 40 pounds. I wrote these words to share my weight loss experience with you. The biggest problem for me was the scale. Yes, the scale was a problem  because I couldn’t abstain to climb on it. So I just wanna ask you… how do you deal with this issue? Do you weigh often or once per week?

All speeches about weight loss contain the next phrase:  “do not weigh often than 2 weeks, maximum one.” Now, honestly, hands up who does not climb one second on the scale, to be horrified or, if applicable, to celebrate.

I understand point of view of those who advise us to not clock perched on the scale – we can suppress the useless, because weight can fluctuate from a multitude of causes unrelated to eating / diet (from lack of moisture , hormones, water retention, etc.). Then we can make misconceptions about weight loss rate, we can give temptations, upset by the lies told by scale and many many more. But I still can not keep me away from the scale.

How do I wake up I get on the scale, to see what it thinks of me and how the day is about to begin. I check the scale in evening too sometimes. I had moments when I sincerely hated it.There were times when I weighed on two or three different devices and see all other weights displayed, but yet, still the scale is my most reliable friend.

And I do not know what I would do if I had access to it only once a week. Or every two weeks. How you deal with it? Do you ask it often or not because it’s nicer a result displayed after one week?

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