30-Day Squat Challenge With Five Squat Variations

30-Day Squat Challenge With Five Squat Variations

Nowadays, you can find a squat challenge everywhere on the web. But this 30-day squat challenge adds variation to your booty workout.

There are thousands of squat challenges on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter alone, not to mention the multitude of health and fitness blogs.

While it certainly is a challenge, but also an accomplishment too, working your way up to hundreds or even 1,000 squats it’s not always an easy task.

Doing the same kind of squats only works for certain muscle groups, so you should try a workout that truly challenges your entire body.

The 30-Day Squat Challenge involves 5 different squat variations that you repeat progressively to reach 200 reps in 30 days.

30-Day Squat Challenge

It is recommended to start slowly, with 6 reps of each variation in the first day if you want to avoid soreness. Just follow this squat challenge workout and adjust it slightly, according to your free time and ability level.

In 30 days you will be able to do 200 squats that can help you tone your entire body. Here are the 5 variations of squats:

  1. Narrow Squat
  2. Narrow Squat With Back Kick
  3. Normal Squat
  4. Normal Squat With Side Leg Lift
  5. Sumo Squat

The 30-day squat challenge helps you tone your legs and booty really effectively. Because there are 5 squat variations, it also helps to beat boredom and prevent overuse injuries.

During the rest days of this squat challenge, you should perform other workouts that target your upper body muscles. Here are some upper body workout ideas you can try:

  1. Upper Body Workout for Runners (not only)
  2. Upper Body Workout for Bodybuilders (not only)
  3. Upper Body Gym Routine (with machines)
  4. Upper Body Workout for Everyone.

Workout Plan

You can find below the five squat variations and the workout plan for 30 days. If you enjoy this squat challenge make sure to challenge your friends and family too. Stay fit!

30-Day Squat Challenge

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