1000 Squats Challenge Is The Motivation You Need

1000 Squats Challenge Is The Motivation You Need

Today we’re gonna do something a lot more intense. I want you guys to take the 1000 squats challenge with me. Seems intense and yes, I know it’s going to be. But if you tell your mind you can do this, your muscles will listen. And I know you can persevere and conquer this 1000 squats challenge.

I think we’re gonna have a lot of fun in a muscles-have-been-really-sore way.

1000 Squats challenge

Let’s go ahead and give this 1000 squats challenge a shot. First thing to do is stretching and warming up. Don’t forget about this.

So today we’re gonna do 100 reps of each one of the following 10 types of squats:

1. Regular squat

I’m gonna tell you how to do a proper squat so that you hold perfect form throughout this and that you don’t injure or hurt yourself.

So when you do the regular squat I want yuor legs hip width apart and toes pointing forward. Now you need to push your butt back as if you’re sitting in a chair, chest stays open. When you’re “sitting down”, knees never go over the toes. Then you lift up. This is really engaging your glutes, your hamstrings and your thighs.

Regular squat

2. Narrow squat

This type of squat is like a regular one but with feet together. So for further types of squats I’m not gonna explain how to perform them because you’ll be able to see this in the pics. And if you need more than these pics you can check this video where Cassey Ho really did this 1000 squats challenge.

Narrow squat

3. Back kick squat

Back kick squat

4. Side lift squat

Side lift squat

5. Plie squat

Plie squat

6. Calf squat

Calf squat

7. Froggy squat

Froggy squat

8. Number 4 squat

Number 4 squat

9. Prisoner squat

Prisoner squat

10. Rolling squat

Rolling squat

If you made through this 1000 squats challenge your legs are maybe shaking but the good part is you can do anything! Like I said, your mind is what controls your body. So if you say you can than you absolutely can! You just gotta keep pushing yourself.

You know, even if you stopped a couple of times it doesn’t matter as long as you finished the 1000 squats challenge. Congratulations!

1000 squats challenge

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