What An Upper Body Gym Routine Should Look Like

What An Upper Body Gym Routine Should Look Like

It’s time to share with you exactly what your upper body gym routine should look like.

It should take about 60-90 minutes, so it’s not gonna be as easy as running on the treadmill.

We will gonna use 7 machines to perform exercises for back, shoulders, chest, arms, and abs.

Upper Body Gym Routine

As we do before every other workout, we need about 5 minutes of warmup exercises first. So give a good stretch to your body and let’s start this upper body gym routine.

1. Rowing Machine Exercises

Because it’s the upper body day, you should use a machine that’s gonna really work that area: the rower machine. You will exercise on this machine for about 15 minutes in total.

So there will be 15 sets of one minute each set with 15 seconds sprinting and 45 seconds rowing slower. To stretch out your obliques you need to pull the rower to one side.

Do 3 sets on each side for one minute each set.

  • (3 sets) x (1 minute normal rowing) x (15 seconds sprint + 45 seconds slow);
  • (3 sets) x (1 minute pulling the rower to left side) x (15 seconds sprint + 45 seconds slow);
  • (3 sets) x (1 minute normal rowing) x (15 seconds sprint + 45 seconds slow);
  • (3 sets) x (1 minute pulling the rower to right side) x (15 seconds sprint + 45 seconds slow);
  • (3 sets) x (1 minute normal rowing) x (15 seconds sprint + 45 seconds slow).

2. Incline Bench Exercises

For the purpose of this upper body gym routine and to save time, I recommend you to do shoulder press, chest press, and chest flyes all together without a break. You will have one minute break after you finish each set.

For chest press, you need to use at least 6 kg dumbbells. You just wanna make sure that your arms go no lower than your shoulders. Perform 12 reps then prepare for the chest flyes.

For the chest flyes, you can go a little bit lighter by choosing 4 kg dumbbells if you really struggle with these. You wanna think opening a huge newspaper and bring it down until you feel your armpit stretched. Perform 12 reps and then adjust the bench for the next set of shoulder press.

For shoulder press, make sure that your head is against the bench and that your arms go fully extended but not going any lower than your shoulders. Perform 12 reps then rest for one minute before starting over with 4 more sets.

  • (5 sets) x (12 reps chest press + 12 reps chest flies + 12 reps shoulder press).

3. Lat Pulldown Exercises

The next step is the lat pulldown exercise. Put your hands at the ends of the bar and position your thighs underneath the cushion.

You want your back to be as straight as possible and just pull the bar just beneath your chin. You want to really feel the pull in the back of your lats and try to keep your posture as straight as possible. Perform 3 sets 0f 12 reps.

4. Barbell Curls

I’m gonna tell you how to do 21’s with the barbell. You will need to go really light on this exercise because it’s really tiring.

  • In the first step, you need to do 7 reps from your hips to your belly button.
  • Then do another 7 reps down from your shoulders to your belly button. Glue your elbows all the way into your middle.
  • Do 7 full reps from the shoulders all the way down to your hips. You can be pretty tired right now, but that is 21’s.

5. Triceps Cable Pushdowns

The next step is triceps. Glue your elbows into your sides and make sure that your forearms are moving up and down, but only pivoting at the elbow. Perform 3 sets of 12 reps and go quite heavy if you really wanna work this muscle.

6. Vertical Seated Rowing Machine Exercises

Is sexy back time so you need to use the vertical seated rowing machine and go heavy on this because your back is a huge muscle and can totally take the pressure. Make sure that you squeeze your back and breathe in and out, not holding your breath. Do 3 sets of 12 reps.

7. Hanging Leg Raises

Crunch your legs up as high as you can to work your abs. You can also twist your torso while raising your knees to work your obliques. You should perform 3 sets of 20 reps for each side and you can rest for 30 seconds between sets.

  • (3 sets) x (20 leg raises + 20 rotate to left + 20 rotate to right)

This is how your upper body gym routine for a day should look like. I hope you enjoyed it, and hope you’ll use this routine for your future workouts. Please share it with your friends, they might need a new workout for their gym routine. Stay fit!

Upper Body Gym Routine

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