6 Reasons To Start Weightlifting For A Healthier Body

6 Reasons To Start Weightlifting For A Healthier Body

Weightlifting is not just for bulking up! You can improve your overall health and physique by understanding weightlifting and including it into your daily routine!

No doubt that aerobic exercises such as running have profound effects on our health, but have you ever wondered about the benefits of anaerobic weightlifting? You’ll actually find that lifting weights isn’t just for bodybuilders.

There is so much more to weightlifting than just getting ripped – the benefits will implore you to get off your booty and hit the closest gym!

Weightlifting Benefits

Lifting weights makes you healthier, happier, more confident, and even smarter. The increase of healthy blood flow and improved body clocks, hormone balancing, internal bodily system protection, and support are only some of the reasons to start lifting more!

With weightlifting, you can pinpoint target areas and things that need to be improved and customize a workout that best suits your body type, needs, and goals.

So check out these benefits that come alongside lifting weights regularly:

1. Burn Fat Faster

Weightlifting - More Muscles

Aerobic exercises like running, jump rope, HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), and more, are usually recommended when you want to lose fat. This is mostly true but benefits people more when they already have some well-formed muscle.

In my years of fitness training, when someone comes to me asking for help with burning fat, I often surprise them with the answer Weightlifting.

To maintain one pound of muscle, your body will naturally burn more than it would to maintain one pound of fat, meaning your metabolism rate (not to be confused with digestion rate – ever!) is increased.

This leaves you with a higher Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), which means you’ll burn more fat even at rest!

2. Improve In Your Sport

Depending on what sport you play, you’ll want the best-balanced body specifically for your sport. If there’s anything you need to improve while you’re off-field or course, weightlifting is a great way to strengthen weak areas.

For example, a beginner surfer will want to improve two main things: paddling and balance.

To strengthen in paddling, train your triceps with pushups. And to increase your balance you need to strengthen your core. You also want to work your entire body to keep a symmetrical balance of muscle throughout your body.

There are many different workouts to improve certain skills. Target the muscles used in the moves you need to improve and work on strengthening and balancing out the body according to the sport that you play.

3. Improve Posture And Protect Bones

Weightlifting - Improve Posture

Muscles aren’t just for good looks and smashing things. Muscles go as far as even protecting your bones and helping to straighten them out into the right position.

If you have a minor problem with your posture, there are exercises targeted to strengthen the surrounding muscles of your spine to make it easier to sit upright.

If your posture problems are on the heavy side, you must visit a practitioner to ensure you have a correct diagnosis and pick up a clearance that says you are able to work out.

A licensed fitness trainer will help you find the safest and most effective muscle building routine to improve not just the way you look, but also how you feel.

When you have a healthy posture, your body is more able to function properly, allowing blood to flow in areas needed. It also prevents your organs from prolonged disposition, which if not acted upon, can be very detrimental to your health.

4. Overall Improved Health

Weightlifting - Overall Improved Health

Organs use your muscles. Your muscles protect them, help keep them in the proper place and support them.

When muscles are weak, there is more chance of organ disposition, as we talked about earlier. But another negative feature of weak muscles is that organs need muscles to work with.

A good example would be the digestive system. Muscles in your abdomen support your intestines, where your food is partly digested. These surrounding abdomen muscles keep everything firm and intact to help achieve a healthy digestion process.

5. Better Control Over Your Body

Weightlifting - Better Control Over Your Body

Weightlifting may improve your posture and make you look and feel much better, but if you’re generally a clumsy person, lifting weights might just help you get one step smoother with your moves!

You’ll notice that one side is much stronger than the other side of the body (e.g. A right-handed person usually has a stronger right arm than left). When bodybuilders go into competition, one of the things they are scored on is symmetry. The more symmetrical your body is, the better.

No one’s perfect, but you can achieve much better symmetry through weightlifting. When you lift weights to achieve balance, you’ll have much better control over your flailing arms and wobbly knees.

You achieve this control through better-formed muscles, as well as great hand-eye coordination, which are two things that can be improved through weightlifting!

6. Look Great Wearing Anything – OR Nothing!

Weightlifting - Look Great

If a better posture and a healthier body aren’t enough to boost your confidence and encourage you to start lifting weights, maybe you should consider how you’d feel when you’d look at yourself in the mirror. You’ll see how fit and improved your body is!

Before anything else, ladies must know that it won’t make you bulky! There are all sorts of different workouts floating around on the internet that target specific areas and tone them rather than bulk you up. Bulking is more of a process that requires a specific workout and diet regimen.

No doubt that everyone should love the body they’re in. Once you’ve learned to love your body, start treating it like you really do love it.

Spoil your glutes with weighted squats, gift your abs with two ab workouts per week, thank the shoulders that carry your head by getting classic and doing bench presses.

Your body will not only thank you in ways that make you feel healthier, but you will see its joy in its physicality.

Weightlifting ensures you look fit, glowing and toned in your favorite outfit or without!

More Benefits Of Weightlifting

Now if the above six reasons are not enough to make you join our side (the “we-do-lift-weights” side), take a look at these 12 more benefits of weightlifting:

Weightlifting Workout

A fitness trainer can help you target muscles and bring your dream body to life. But with some deep research, you might be able to figure out simple home workouts for yourself.

So to help you jumpstart your weight training program, here’s a beginner’s guide to weightlifting:

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