The Beginners Guide To Tone Up With Water Sports

The Beginners Guide To Tone Up With Water Sports

Swapping turf for surf can add a new element to your fitness regime. During the sunshine months, it makes sense to get outdoors and try some water sports. But where to start? Follow this basic guide before stepping off dry land.

Why Try Water Sports?

Water sports provide low-impact resistance with maximum physical results. This way, joints, and muscles won’t tire before you can really get into your workout!

The spectacular outdoor views make aqua-based activities perfect for reconnecting with nature. Water sports are also an extremely sociable way to stay fit.

Booking lessons with family or friends will provide the incentive to stay in shape together. Plus, a group lesson is far less intimidating with someone you know by your side.

What Equipment Do I Need?

As a beginner, it’s never advisable to go out and buy a professional kit before you’ve tried an activity.

Wetsuits, however, are a justified purchase as they can be worn for swimming during colder months. Use a professional guide on how to buy a wetsuit that will fit you comfortably and suit the activity.

Which Sport Should I Try First?

It’s completely up to you! Location may limit your immediate choice, but water sports make a great activity for vacations. It’s a fun way to stay active whilst having fun and learning new skills.

Many lakes and quays have water activity centers that offer beginner classes. So you can get a refreshing workout without having to travel to a beach resort.

Here are my favorite water sports:

1. Surfing

Surf Girl - Water Sports

Catching waves will help to build up a strong core and tone legs. The constant swimming and jumping up onto the board provide a serious cardio workout. Being able to successfully ride a wave may take several attempts, but practice makes perfect!

Surfing lessons will come in handy for complete beginners. An instructor can teach professional techniques and offer guidance to boost confidence in the water. Better technique = better fitness results.

If you go the surf instructor route, you can expect them to supply the equipment. If you want to learn how to surf on your own, however, you’ll need to learn how to choose the right surfboard for your skill level. We recommend starting out with a bigger surfboard, preferably the type made out of foam for the safest way of getting in the sport.

2. Paddleboarding

Paddle Boarding - Water Sports

Paddleboarding boasts many benefits, including balance and focus. It demands strength from the legs, buttocks, and core to keep yourself upright and moving forward.

The reason why this activity is great for all fitness fans is that it can improve all-over strength. It doesn’t just focus on one set of muscles.

Just a few sessions of paddle boarding can start to sculpt out some serious abs! Practicing lunges and squats between lessons will help hone your technique too.

And the views? Most paddle-boarding lessons can be found in beautiful beach bays and picturesque lake scenes. You won’t be disappointed by the view, nor the results.

3. Water Skiing

Water Skiing - Water Sports

If you love to hit the slopes in Winter, try on some water skis for size! This is definitely one for all thrill-seekers.

Being pulled out of the water by boat will really push upper body muscles and improve stamina. Coming out of the water to reach a standing position will provide your lower leg muscles with an intensive workout too.

With all water sports, it requires a little bit of practice. However, you’ll soon be feeling confident and pleased with your progress. Just make sure you hold on tight!

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6 years ago

Good to see SUP on the list. A great way to build up core strength. If you practise yoga, you can mix the two together…win-win 🙂