How To Get Extra Motivation For Your Weight Loss Journey

How To Get Extra Motivation For Your Weight Loss Journey

Are you losing your motivation while slimming down besides losing body fat? Then you must follow these tips for the extra motivation you need.

Losing weight and staying in shape is an amazing thing. It can feel awesome to unlock all the power hidden inside your body as you get more active and drop the pounds.

But in every weight loss journey, there comes a time where you need an outside boost to your motivation.

Needing a little extra motivation at any point in your weight loss journey is not a bad thing. In fact, it’s better to admit you need some help and get it than to pretend it’s fine and potentially give up.

However, knowing what to do to motivate yourself can be tricky. Not to worry though. We’ve compiled a list of options that could help you stay motivated and keep your progress going.

Extra Motivation For Weight Loss

Here are three simple and handy ways to get extra motivation and keep going towards those weight loss goals.

1. Switch Up Your Routine With A Personal Trainer

Finding a fitness routine that works for you is difficult. It’s tricky to figure out your exercise capabilities or the best way to optimize how many calories you burn.

But once you figure out your routine, you can use the same work out many times.

That is until you grow bored with it, or worse, hit a fitness plateau. That’s where a personal trainer can come in and help.

A personal trainer is a great resource for those who want to lose weight at any stage in their fitness journey. They can be great for those don’t know where to start as well as for people who just need a change to their routine.

Personal trainers, like those from, bring a level of expertise to your workout. They can make major or minor tweaks that mean your workout works better for you.

They’ll also know the latest about how to work out safely and effectively. They can correct any bad habits that are harming you or limiting your progress.

No matter how you incorporate the personal trainer into your routine, they are there to help and give you the extra motivation you might need.

2. Find A New Kind Of Goal

Once you start losing weight, maintaining it can often be tricky. At the beginning of many weight loss programs, the pounds seem to fly off.

When you make major changes in your lifestyle, you’ll see the results right away. Both on the scales and in the mirror, you will see change.

However, as you maintain these lifestyle changes, it can start to be discouraging to measure your progress only in the pounds you lose.

That’s why, in order to stay motivated, you should find a non-weight related goal to be striving for as well.

You might want to climb a mountain, run a 5K, confidently try aerial yoga, or simply fit into those jeans. Whatever it is, it’s important to set a goal not related to the scales and strive for it.

This type of goal-focused fitness plan is a great way to monitor your progress and to get the extra motivation you need.

3. Keep Records

The simplest way to get extra motivation is to see how far you’ve already come.

In order to do this, you need to keep records of where you are at on your weight and fitness journey. You should be marking your progress at regular intervals.

How you keep your record is up to you. Do you want to take pictures? Do you want to write down your measurements? Or keep track of what you can lift?

All in all, one of the most de-motivating things is thinking you haven’t made progress. It can be easy to forget how far you’ve come if you don’t have the before picture clearly in your head.

So, as you continue your journey to a healthier self, make sure you stay positive and keep going as best you can!

These three tips alone can make most of the extra motivation you’re looking for. But if you want to look even farther, check out this list with even more tips to increase your weight loss motivation:

  • Work out with a partner;
  • Start each day with a motivational quote;
  • Don’t compare yourself to celebrities, but rather to an acquaintance;
  • Hang out with people who have a passion for fitness and healthy living;
  • From time to time, reward yourself with a treat.

Now, there are lots of ways to keep yourself motivated, you just have to find the one that works for you.

Whenever you feel like you need extra motivation for your weight loss process, pick a method from this list and regain control over your body.

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