Trending Health Websites And Apps We Love

Trending Health Websites And Apps We Love

These health websites are not there to replace a health professional’s advice, but they can definitely help shed light on what steps to take.

Remember the days when we had to run to clinics or hospitals and wait in lines only to get an idea of which specialist we should be consulting? Well, those days are long gone.

With the huge role the Internet is playing in our lives, our healthcare habits have also changed.

We are now able to tell the old wives’ tales from the scientific facts with a simple search online. And we can find guidance and help through every step of our health journey.

Some big, established websites like WebMD, Healthline, and have been around to provide us with basic information and insight into our symptoms, underlying conditions, and treatment options.

Luckily, this year has even more alternatives in store for us. So read on to find out more about a variety of health websites that are currently on the rise.

Trending Health Websites

Here are our favorite health websites that we believe will raise over those big, established health giants in the next years:

1. Avaana

Avaana is a comprehensive website that allows users to instantly book real-time allied health, natural therapies, fitness and wellbeing appointments.

It lists a wide range of businesses and services and offers search, compare, and review functions among them.

While its blog keeps readers up-to-date on various topics related to health and wellbeing, its booking services cover a variety of practices ranging from personal training and physiotherapy to yoga and psychology.


PulsePoint brings a new perspective on emergency healthcare—it brings together people who are trained in CPR with those who are in need of immediate help.

Victims of a sudden cardiac arrest can use the mobile app anytime to reach a verified app user within the available locations.

It uses GPS to locate you, just like Uber, to get you in contact with the nearest emergency responder who will take immediate action to save your life!

3. serves as a mediator between patients and healthcare professionals.

It helps patients and their families get a better understanding of their care plans and coordinates the entire system through innovative collaboration technology.

So if you have trouble keeping up with your recovery journey as a patient or a caregiver, you can give it a try to facilitate the process for you and your loved ones.

4. Prognos

Prognos focuses on AI technologies and advanced analytics to improve the quality of healthcare services.

It aims to use clinical data and a great number of algorithms to reduce risk and improve outcomes by tracking and predicting potential diseases.

It primarily caters to commercial healthcare institutions, enhancing their abilities to deliver the right therapies to the right patients.

The blog section keeps its finger on the pulse of the healthcare market and provides readers with valuable insight into improvements regarding lab and AI data.


This independent encyclopedia is there to simplify the topics related to supplementation and nutrition for its users.

It has a significantly large database, providing readers with unbiased information and evidence on healthy eating.

Even though has been around for a while, it’s gaining more and more popularity every day—especially within the fitness and clean eating circles—thanks to its clear, informative tone and easy-to-use supplement reference guides.

Trending Health Apps

For those who want to keep things even more mobile, there are also numerous apps available designed for fitness and health purposes.

1. Rise Today

Rise Today is a subscription-free app, available for both iOS and Android, that lets users find classes, fitness services, and sessions in their area.

It especially targets teams of corporate employees for workplace wellbeing sessions.

2. Fiit

Fiit, deemed the “Netflix of fitness apps,” features premium fitness classes that you can stream anytime, anywhere.

It comes with a heart-monitoring chest strap upon signup, which links to the app and makes it easier to track your progress.

3. Ada

Ada is also a great personal health guide that comes in a mobile app form.

It’s created by doctors, scientists, and engineers to help you identify your symptoms, understand your body, and navigate to the appropriate care.

The latest trends in healthcare are shifting more and more towards innovative technologies like AI, Health, and the Internet of Healthcare Things.

With user-friendly interfaces and attractive designs, it looks like health websites and apps created to keep a close watch on your wellbeing will be growing stronger and gaining more momentum in the near future.

While receiving help from these health websites and apps, just remember that online health advice is bound to have its own limits. Not every headache is a sign of a brain tumor, and not every cough means that you’re dying from lung cancer!

Some initial research definitely helps, but once you identify your specific needs, book an appointment with a specialist and take good (and professional) care of yourself!

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