Why Listening To Exercise Music During Your Workout Is A Good Thing

Why Listening To Exercise Music During Your Workout Is A Good Thing

Fitness enthusiasts across the globe are always looking for ways to improve their results. And the easiest way to pump up your workout is by listening to good exercise music during your training.

The two most common culprits of staggering results are a lack of motivation and the plateaus that come with a routine. Science has shown that exercise music is a great remedy for both.

The advantages of listening to exercise music while working out have long been rumored. But did you know that humans have been using music to help them achieve their fitness goals as far back as 31 B.C.?

Carl Foster, Ph.D., out of the University of Wisconsin was recently quoted in a study saying:

“You go all the way back to rowers on the Roman Galleys. The guy is sitting there beating on his drum and drives the basic rhythm of the rowing. Part of that is coordination – you want the rowers to row together – but part of it is that people will naturally follow a tempo. It’s just something about how our brains work.”

When exercise music is playing, the body naturally wants to lift, walk, or run to the beat of the music.

Listening to music also helps the brain focus on the song you are enjoying, as opposed to whatever physical activity is being accomplished by the body.

Without music, physical exertion can be met with thoughts of picking up a cell phone or tablet, or turning on the television, or doing some work.

Exercise music helps set the outside world aside so the task at hand can be performed properly.

Does Exercise Music Really Make A Physical Impact?

The answer is not exactly. Exercise music simply alters the emotions of the individual listening.

This is why choosing the proper workout music is just as vital as listening to music in the first place.

Brunel University experts recently ran a study where adults were chosen to walk 4,000 meters at their own pace. They were listening to silence, a podcast, or the song Happy by Pharrell Williams.

What they discovered was that the enjoyment levels – as indicated by the measure of their brainwaves through a portable electroencephalogram – showed that runners listening to music were 13% happier than their podcast listening counterparts, and 28% happier than those listening to silence.

What the study proves is that everyone should look to make working out as enjoyable as possible.

A lack of motivation to exercise often comes from a belief that it won’t be a fun experience.

Every individual should test out different music genres and select what made them feel the best during their workout.

When the physical activity becomes a fun event, it becomes a lot easier to go back to working out day in and day out.

Why Listening To Exercise Music During Your Workout Is A Good Thing

Why Should You Change Your Playlist?

Exercise music can also be linked to staggering results in the gym.

When a person plateaus it is often because they have been working out utilizing the same exercises or the same weight for too long. It’s important to keep the body guessing.

The same can be said for musical choices. If the brain grows tired of a certain genre or the same playlist, it can impact how enjoyable working out actually is on a daily basis.

Everyone should take advantage of different playlists to help keep exercising unique and enjoyable.

The Best Way To Listen To Exercise Music

Fortunately, for those looking to incorporate music into their exercise, there are more options than ever not only for music but for listening equipment.

Bluetooth speakers have risen in popularity amongst the fitness community. So the common issues that were caused by wires getting stuck in workout equipment, bike wheels, or clothing can now be avoided.

There are lightweight speakers perfect for cyclists, hikers, and those in charge of tackling some chores.

Regardless of how a person works out, exercise music provides the ability to attack any athletic event with a sense of purpose and enthusiasm.

Confidence is half the battle and exercise music can help instill confidence in everyone from rookies to veterans of fitness.

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