Athleisure Is Adapting Gym-Wear To Leisure-Wear

Athleisure Is Adapting Gym-Wear To Leisure-Wear

Athleisure is so much more than hitting the supermarket in your joggers after a good workout. It takes a lot of fashion-know-how to look so effortless!

Leggings, trainers, and hoodies have become versatile day-to-day clothing choices for both men and women, due to their durability and comfort.

The sports-chic look is now thought of as being ‘fashion-forward’, especially as clothing giants feature contemporary fitness-wear in their collections.

Aptly labeled as “athleisure”, the trend sees traditional workout clothing worn as a style statement outside of the gym environment.

Driven by the health and well-being craze that has saturated the 2010’s, the hybrid style is bridging the gap between sports-wear and fashion.

Athleisure is more than just a trend, it is a lifestyle.

Gyms have evolved to be social hotspots, and trend-setters are making clothing choices to endorse the new culture.

But, at what point does athletic become fashionable? And how do you include sportswear into your everyday wardrobe?

Here are our top tips for nailing the athleisure look:

Athleisure For Men

Athleisure Look For Men

Men’s gym joggers have become a versatile wardrobe essential. Pair with a matching hoodie for a relaxed aesthetic. Or smarten them up with a fitted t-shirt and a cool leather jacket.

The old school boxy hoodie has been reinvented as a fashion statement. New designs use cowl necks, fitted fabrics that outline muscle definition, and unique color combinations.

Big brands, like Gucci, are making the hoodie a style-essential and thus comfort has become a street-style go to.

Wear an understated hoodie, beneath a camel overcoat for ultimate style points.

For gym use, sleeveless tanks are a must, but for day-to-day athleisure, the rules change.

Long-sleeved workout tops can look great paired with jeans and sporty trainers.

The golden rule is to make sure the top is well fitted; a baggy T can make you look frumpy – not the look we are trying to achieve.

When it comes to footwear, trainers are acceptable for all eventualities. Gym? Trainers. Coffee shop date? Trainers. Office? Trainers. Club? Trainers.

There are so many designs available, the humble trainer is appropriate for just about any occasion.

Choose a flat souled, darker color for formal wear, and mix it up with a bright, functional shoe for sports use.

Hoodie + fitted T-shirt + joggers + trainers.

Athleisure For Women

Athleisure Look For Women

For women’s athleisure, the crop is king. Whether it’s a hoodie, t-shirt, or sports bra, it needs to be cropped.

Pairing your crop of choice with high waist bottoms is a must to nail the trend. Choose black leggings, fitted neutral joggers, or a coordinating ensemble for a casual, yet stylish look.

The rule that applies to all, is layers. A good 3rd layer can make or break your athleisure look.

Choose a complementary statement leather jacket, or a chic silky bomber, for that luxe vibe.

Stick to a consistent color theme – monochrome, block colors are classic, but you could also incorporate on-trend shades like khaki or millennial pink.

Brands like Ted Baker are renowned for their feminine leisure-wear prints in pastel shades.

A solid-colored jacket will elevate a statement ensemble from workout wear to picture-perfect street style.

You’d be shocked to see the difference that small details can make to your athleisure outfit.

Statement straps and seamless leggings have become the norm, but your accessories are what really count. Throw on a pair of oversized sunglasses and add a designer handbag to take your gym-wear from drab to fab.

Sneakers for women are everywhere now and the feminine designs and color palettes have transformed the shoe to be lady-like and elegant.

Rose gold hardware, pastel pink colors, and all-black designs are favorites amongst fashionistas.

The modern-day sneaker can go with any outfit, whilst still looking stylish. Ditch your killer stilettos and make room for the trainer!

Coloured jacket + crop top + high waisted leggings + coloured sneakers.

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