The Most Important Health Tips For Women Of All Ages

The Most Important Health Tips For Women Of All Ages

These 10 health tips for women aren’t just our words, as doctors will often suggest them to women of all ages.

Women have almost always ignored themselves for the sake of others. The health rate of women is deteriorating day by day. They think that they can battle it out easy but it does take a toll on their body.

The fashion magazines and all the false advertisements have made them believe that they have an unshapely and dull body. But it is far from the truth.

Thousands of women suffer from eating disorders and body dysmorphic disorders. They do deserve a better life and a positive view of life.

So, here we decided to bring 10 health tips for women that would help them become healthy. It is of utmost importance that women should take proper care of themselves.

Women have to take care of their house and children. In between that most women have set their career. This is definitely a reason behind the unhealthy lifestyle of today. They cram in everything that they can in their break time.

Cooking is disappearing from households as people are getting addicted to fast food or packaged processed foods. Our view on life is simple and we think that everyone should work on it.

It is high time to realize that our frantic life is detrimental to our health and our family. Yes, we will have a nice house but our body can become a host for deadly diseases.

Common Health Problems Of Women

Common Health Problems Of Women

It is believed that the current world has a healthy rate that is better than ever before. People are living way past the 80s and 90s. It is a well-known fact that women do live for longer times.

But there is an alarming rate of chronic diseases, deadly diseases, and things like obesity which are on the rise.

Diabetes and heart diseases have become rampant throughout the world.

The World Health Organisation is trying to bring a change to it. But the change should first begin at home.

Women face a threat to several problems and we will mention some over here. They are:

1. Heart Diseases

A lot of women suffer from heart-related issues in the current age. They may face a heart attack even if they are in their 30s.

This can be easily prevented with a healthy lifestyle. But people choose to eat the copious amount of salt in their fast food.

Other than that, stress is another big factor that can push women into the threshold of having a heart attack.

2. Cancer

Women generally end up having breast cancer or ovarian cancer. Both of them are not only wrecking to the body but also hit a woman in their femininity.

Lung cancer is another threat that we cannot dismiss.

Almost all people will blame their genetics, but cancer does happen for other reasons as well.

An unhealthy lifestyle and practices like drinking and smoking can also agitate our body.

3. Diabetes

Diabetes is a problem around the world. Several people have bad insulin and blood sugar levels and they live unaware of it.

Copious amounts of sugary drinks and desserts can often agitate the problem.

Another factor is obesity which is a great problem today. Unchecked Type 2 Diabetes can lead to amputation, blindness, and even disability.

4. Obesity

More people are obese in this world than ever before. Adults, as well as children, are facing this problem.

Our food is laced with preservatives and higher calories than ever before. We are advertised to satiate ourselves all the time.

This has led to an array of problems caused by obesity. Our knees can give off and obesity leads to diabetes, heart problems, strokes, and several other things.

Many people resort to bariatric surgery or other forms of weight loss surgery.

5. Infertility And Gynaecological Problems

Motherhood is bliss for women. But in recent age, more and more mothers have needed to resort to medications and treatments to get pregnant.

An alarming rate of women suffers from diseases like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, which induces infertility.

They are gut-wrenching for a woman of reproductive age. There are irregular periods and women often get frustrated by such problems.

6. Depression

Mental stress and several other pressures push a woman into a state of depression. Women are twice as likely to face depression than men.

Most women do not even speak about the problem as they are ashamed of it. Women also suffer from several mental illnesses in their lifetime.

So, here are some of the illnesses that may nest in a woman’s body. But these aren’t the only ones. They can be a host to several different diseases. Lifestyle-based diseases are on the rise.

To beat them, women have to become healthy and keep up with their life. So, we thought of giving out some health tips for women.

They aren’t just our words, as doctors will often suggest them to women. Let us begin on this journey of a healthier life.

Health Tips For Women

Here are our 10 best health tips for women of all ages:

1. A Healthy Diet

10 Health Tips For Women - Have A Healthy Diet

We are aware of the fact that you have already got a health class at your school. But did you really follow it? Probably Not! Do not be distressed as it is the fact with almost all women out there.

It is a busy life and we often think that we can get away with eating bad foods. But the case is bleak for our bodies.

Huge amount of salts, sugar, refined oils, processed meats, and preservatives do build up over time. These problems arise for all women irrespective of their size.

All of us know about the food pyramid that we learned. We do follow it but do not see that our choices are actually bad.

The recommended calorie intake for a woman is about 1,600-2000 kcal based on their height and weight. But our typical diet has more than 3000 kcal, which is ridiculous.

Our choice of food is poor as well. We need to get rid of the starchy foods, the huge amount of refined grains. And include:

  • Unrefined Grains: Brown Rice, Whole Wheat Flour, Quinoa, Oats
  • Vegetables: Choose colorful vegetables of all kinds. Go especially for green leafy vegetables like spinach, lettuce, kale, rocket leaves, etc. Eat a healthy amount of cruciferous vegetables as well.
  • Protein: Wild Caught Fish, farm-raised chicken, lean beef, or pork especially grass-fed options. Free-range and organic eggs are more nutritious for our bodies.
  • Oil: Unrefined Coconut oil, Unrefined sesame oil, extra virgin olive oil, ghee or clarified butter, avocado oil
  • Fruits: We tend to do a lot of fruits as we think they are healthy. But fruits are filled with fructose which isn’t good in high doses. So, limit to 2 kinds of fruits a day. Apple is a great option because of its nutrients and fiber content. (Avoid store-bought fruit juices or smoothies as they have high amounts of sugar in them.)
  • Milk Products: Grass-Fed Cow’s Milk, Low Fat Organic Cheese, Organic Butter

These are some of the things that you should include in your pantry. Start forming a good relationship with cooking as it is essential for forming a nice diet.

The thing that you should get rid of is sugar in its all form. It is not only bad for our body but also aid in fat storage.

Remain inside the daily calories and you will be fine and healthy.

2. Exercise

10 Health Tips For Women - Exercise Regularly

We have arrived at the most boring topic of people’s life. There is lethargy in people to adopt exercise. They will very well live in their bean bags rather than take a walk in the park.

But this lack of exercise is detrimental to the bodies of all women. Women tend to store their fat in their lower body and in the abdomen region. This has been proven to be the worst area to gain weight.

The bigger hipped women are, the more likely to develop health problems in the future.

The main purpose of the exercise is not only to lose extra weight but to provide mobility and movement to your body.

Exercise can benefit the muscles and joints to become even better.

Women need to employ a mix of cardio and strength training to enhance the health of their bodies.

If they do not have the time to hit the gym, then aerobic exercises are great. Running, swimming, cycling, and jogging are some great additions to your life.

Exercise drastically reduces the rate of heart-related problems in women. It also de-stresses them and relaxes them after a pressurizing day at work or home.

So, it is our advice to adopt a healthy exercise regime into your lives.

3. Maintain A Healthy Weight

10 Health Tips For Women - Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

This tip will feel like a cliché as almost every other website or magazine has noted it to you. But we want you to have a healthy weight and not become skinny.

As you may be aware of there is something called the BMI or the Body Mass Index, which is important to maintain our health. It is calculated according to the weight and height of a person.

There are several such scales that help you in finding out your ideal body weight. So, use them to see the weight that you should fall under.

You should maintain a weight that is in between the highest and lowest weights of your ideal BMI.

The body fat percentage is also an important part of a woman. A woman should score between 25-31% of body fat. Yes, that amount is normal as we need to have fat in our breasts and buttocks.

Also, find out the calorie amount that you should be eating according to your weight and height. You can bring a deficit to that calorie intake to attain a lower weight if you need to lose weight.

For example: If your daily calorie intake should be 2200 kcal then cut it down to 1600 kcal to see rapid results.

4. Do Not Go For The Fad Diets

10 Health Tips For Women - Avoid Fad Diets

If you have a subscription to those diet magazines, we will suggest you drop them in the bin.

Fad and quick detox diets do not work. They just temporarily get rid of water from your body and that’s it.

That 3-day smoothie detox wouldn’t really stay for you long.

But the hectic diets will definitely take a toll on your health. The lack of nutrients can deplete your bones and muscles. It can also lead to depression due to the cycle of diets and weight gain.

Instead of going in that direction, we will recommend you follow a healthy diet and an exercise regime.

If you are obese then definitely contact a doctor before taking a drastic step.

Determination and motivation will do you better than hyped diets that fail you.

A note from us will be to skip on supplements and teas vouching for guaranteed weight loss. Most of them are there to take your money and to scam you.

5. Leave Addictions And Risky Behaviours

10 Health Tips For Women - Avoid Drinking

Some people love to get high at a party or on any occasion. Having alcohol once in a while is okay. But do not let it form into an addiction. Nothing is good for our body in excessive amounts.

If you are having those 2-3 glasses of red wine because some ‘magazine’ recommended it, then stop. Red wine has a huge amount of sugar content which isn’t good for our body.

If you find it hard then please contact a doctor or rehab facility.

Alcohol is very bad for our brains. Another problem that people have is smoking. For some reason, it is still legal to smoke even when it has been proved that it can cause cancer.

We know that it isn’t easy to wean yourself from these things, but we are sure that you can make it happen.

Contact a physician to know the adequate steps that will help you in leaving an addiction.

Food addiction is just as bad. If you suffer from binge eating or emotional eating, then we will suggest you visit a therapist for needed care.

6. Pay Attention To Mental Health

10 Health Tips For Women - Pay Attention To Mental Health

We often just think of our physical bodies when we are thinking of health. But this is far from the truth, as proper mental health is as important as your body.

Mental health problems like a copious amount of stress can lead to physical problems like diabetes, thyroid, and high blood pressure.

You can even have mental breakdowns that are detrimental to your body.

We have a tendency to think that we are perfectly fine. But we strongly recommend you to visit a therapist to help you out with things. You do need to have professional help to relax your mind of its pressures.

Depression is a common problem of this age and we should never neglect it. It is better to have a precautionary mode rather than repent it later.

A therapist can also help you to sort out the little problems of your life, family, or even career.

7. Visit A Gynaecologist

10 Health Tips For Women - Visit A Gynaecologist

As we stated above, gynecological problems have arisen over the years. This includes problems in our reproductive organs, hormone imbalances, or other diseases.

So, you need to visit your gynecologist at least twice a year for a routine check-up.

These include mammography and a pap smear as soon as you are in your late 20s.

Also, sit down with a gynecologist to clear your doubts about the female body and the problems that it can face. You will learn more about breast cancer, ovarian cancers, cysts, endometriosis, PCOS, etc.

Women often neglect irregular periods or uneven discharges. But it is important to see a doctor determine the state of our health.

Do not just rely on cranberry juice bottles when you are getting repeated UTIs or Yeast infections. The reasons can be diverse, so, sit down with the gynecologist and have a clear talk.

As we mentioned, infertility is rising. So, if you are planning to have a baby in the future, then we will suggest you consult a doctor about that.

It is best to analyze your reproductive health when you are still young as it will let you decide on your future lifestyle.

8. Socialize

10 Health Tips For Women - Socialize

Many things in life don’t impact health directly, but they do have an indirect impact like isolation and staying alone most of the time.

Staying alone often leads to overthinking and then to depression, and the aftereffects are very well known.

It is very important that you socialize and make friends.

If you do not like gelling up with people the most, and after your job or studies you get enough time, then you should spend some time in an NGO or animal shelter.

You should open up a bit with people and that is one best way to avoid going into isolation.

Talking with people opens up a lot of things, so always try to socialize; if not much, then a little. There are several more places like the library, cafes, and small events where you can go and expand your circle.

It is true, lonely time helps you understand certain things, but you should avoid being lonely most of the time.

Socializing will also help you knowing many things, exploring new ways, and learning your own hidden talents and tendencies.

9. Regular Doctor Check-ups

10 Health Tips For Women - Do regular doctor check-ups

When was the last time you visited a doctor? If it has been some time, then please visit a doctor. They are the best things that can happen to your lives.

As women age, they have an increased threat to the diseases that we mentioned above. All of them can be escaped through a healthy diet and mind.

A doctor is a good step to start. A routine all body tests should be done at least once a year to make sure that everything is okay.

Type 2 diabetes is a threat to human beings of this age. Loads of cases come every year and the health can soon go downhill if proper care is absent.

Talk to your doctor about diabetes, heart issues, thyroid issues or any other issues that you may face. Do not shy away from asking those questions as it is their job to attend to you. If you are worried about a family disease, then ask them freely.

You should always go for a regular check-up every 6 months and the frequency should increase when you are in your 40s.

We do not like thinking about us as an unhealthy figure but there is no other way out. Diseases are unpredictable and they can happen all the time.

10. Keep An Eye On Your Bones

10 Health Tips For Women - Keep Your Bones Healthy

Women tend to lose their calcium levels as they age. Many suffer from back problems, osteoporosis, and bone-related issues. So, you should definitely visit an orthopedic if you are feeling pain in any part of your body.

This is crucial for women who have had their menopause.

Diet and exercise are the best options for avoiding bone-related issues as you age. But if you are of that age and already have the issue then doctors will probably suggest calcium supplements.

Make sure that you do not overuse the calcium supplements. A lot of calcium in your blood can lead to the deposition of kidney stones.

So, definitely do not self-prescribe any form of calcium supplements that you may see in the drugstore.

Also, swimming is an amazing exercise to get an all body movement, which is beneficial for our bones.

These are our 10 most important health tips for women.

Women are precious beings on this planet and they have to take care of themselves. An unhealthy lifestyle can cause problems for them and their families. So, keep these points in mind and lead a healthy and secure life.

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