Get A Smaller Waist By Following These Tips

Get A Smaller Waist By Following These Tips


Always consult a physician before attempting any new exercise or exercise plan.

Barbie’s waist is anatomically impossible so avoid using her as your role model; indeed, if she stood 5′ 6″ tall, she’d have a 20 inch waist! Be realistic and seek a waist shape that works with your body shape; if you don’t have hourglass genetics, quit fretting and start making the most of the shape you have been blessed with.


Keep your protein intake levels high, and be sure to get all the proper vitamins and minerals, preferably through healthy food sources rather than through supplements and tablets.

If you have problems with bloating, speak to your doctor. Bloating may signal a food intolerance or allergy (grains, dairy, fructose, etc.), water retention, chemical imbalance, or a disease. If it is occurring regularly, it is vital that you have it checked out and sorted professionally. In terms of food, try to pay attention to when you bloat after eating to help the doctor pinpoint the possible cause.

Don’t believe the myth of “lifting weights will make you muscle bound and bulky”. It is impossible to get too “bulky” unless you are trying to.

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