Tested Weight Loss Tips That Really Give Results

Tested Weight Loss Tips That Really Give Results

On the Internet are many ways of weight loss, taken from some books.  Many of us will try those. Everyone knows that the hardest fight is the one with extra pounds. But if I say a few tips for weight loss that I did and they worked, wouldn’t you be tempted to try them?

The doctor gives advice for weight loss whether they are hard or easy to follow. Those from Health.com came up with a unique idea. Every editor of the site wrote a trick they used for weight loss. I took this list and did a survey. For a week, I asked every subscriber from 3 gyms which one of the tricks he uses most often. We come to the following ranking:

Tested Weight Loss Tips

1. The trick used by all was very simple, maybe you are using it and not realize. Brush your teeth right after dinner. This refrain from eating snacks before bedtime.

2. Another good trick is to try 2 times more appetizers. The appetizers are light and contain few calories. In this way, we will feel fuller and will eat less high calorie food.

3. After the end of the meal, collect your food and put it in the fridge. Avoid finding your food by accident. I am sure that every time you pass by a plate with food, you taste a little.

4. Another widely used trick was to take fruits to work. Instead of the usual chocolate snack, employees took fruits. The fruits are all sweet but keep you healthy and fit.

5. Some of them said they avoid drinking wine when they get home from work. Many of us drink something after a day full of stress and work. This is a factor that increases the risk of weight gain.

6. In my opinion, one of the most effective trick for weight loss is to use smaller plates for food. This trick isn’t used among survey participants but all said they would try it.


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