Get Thinner Thighs With These Pool Exercises

Get Thinner Thighs With These Pool Exercises

Thinner thighs can be done going to the pool. In summer, a cool dip in the pool is the best remedy against heat. We can combine the coolness it with some physical exercises. We will feel much better and healthier. These exercises can be done even in the pool, the sea or a lake. The only condition is that the water to be about chest level.

Pool Exercises For Thinner Thighs

1. Warm Up Your Thighs

The first exercise for thinner thighs is light, to warm up your body. Actually the movement warms up the body and the water cools it down. This is just a real pleasure. Stand in the water with feet shoulder-width apart, put your hands on your hips and draw imaginary circles with your butt. Make 10 circles clockwise direction and then 10 in the opposite direction. Repeat 3 times these moves.

thinner thighs4

2. Side Leap

Put your feet together and arms down by your sides. Then squat down slightly. Look to your left and raise your arms to shoulder level at the same time. Jump about two feet to the left, extending your right leg to the side. Bring both feet together, push up into a standing position, and lower your arms. Do five jumps with your left leg and five with your right.

thinner thighs1

3. Squat Step

Raise your arms to shoulder level. Stand in one leg and squat. After one squat stand back up on both legs and put your arms aside. Mare sure your head is not in the water. Do 5 reps for each leg.

thinner thighs2

4. Box Exercise

Imagine you’re standing with both feet inside a box. Keep your arms by your sides, then lift your right knee up forcefully. Step to your right, outside the box. Repeat move with your left leg. As your left foot lands, squat down and raise both of your arms to the sides. Stand up, lower your arms, and reverse the motion, this time stepping inside the box. Do 20 reps for thinner thighs.

thinner thighs3

If you do these exercises all summer long, your thighs will look amazing. You’ll have thinner thighs and a well toned body.

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