Sleeping During Pregnancy – 5 Ways To Improve It

Sleeping During Pregnancy – 5 Ways To Improve It

Sleeping during pregnancy is a real problem for soon to be moms. So we’ve gathered here 5 tips that can help any future mom to increase her sleep quality.

When you are expecting, it feels as if your body needs to sleep but doesn’t want to. You are undergoing a profound transformation on a physical, psychological and hormonal sense.

Pregnancy changes can make it tough to sleep and stay asleep for the at least 8 hours you need for a healthy body, mind, and spirit for your bundle of joy.

Sleeping during pregnancy can and should be something easy to manage. So check out these 5 tips that will definitely help you sleep better.

5 Key Points Of Sleeping During Pregnancy

Here are simple yet effective tips to help you get a good night’s sleep when you’re pregnant.

1. Ease Into Sleeping Routine And Schedule

It is like the raging hormones came out to party for a 9-month stint, and it’s tough to get that shut-eye with all the chaos in-house.

It helps if you can still get your bedtime routine on, wear your sleep schedule/time on your sleeve and dim the lights or switch them off at least 30 minutes to 1 hour to bedtime.

While the partying hormones may have none of this for a little while, the brain is a sucker for routine and it’ll learn to wind down every time you kick your bedtime routine to work.

Also, be sure to grab a maternity band to help support your bulging belly and ensure you are not aching by bedtime.

These are supposed to prep you for sleep, how about staying deeply and comfortably asleep while pregnant?

2. Take Time To Make Your Bed

Nah. Not the make-your-bed routine this time. Consider getting bedding that helps you to sleep well.

If you can get a whole-body pregnancy pillow, you’ll leave that store with a new lease of life. Hug it and wrap yourself around it when it’s time to sleep and you’ll find it helps you to strike an ideal balance between support and comfort—which you need to avoid or get rid of back and joint pain that rouses you.

Doctors recommend that you prop yourself up with good pillows if you experience shortness of breath. That happens when your lungs are pressured by your sleeping position and so on.

3. Find Your Spot With A Recliner

Maybe the problem is you get heartburn and acid refluxes when you lie down to get it. If your doctor agrees you are okay but you feel the opposite, it is time to use a recliner.

Pull it in and set it up to help you lie back slightly with your feet up. Use pillows to keep your arms and hands supported and elevated.

That should help with the acid refluxes.

4. Play Around With Your Diet And Snack Times

But to truly extinguish the acid reflux game you’ll want to chunk down on meals especially about three to two hours before your sleep schedule kicks in—the time it usually takes your stomach to mince the food.

The trick is to eat several smaller food servings spread throughout the day instead of just three big meals, with one closer to bedtime.

This will ensure you get enough food, energy and crack down on those crazy food cravings for yourself, and a good deal of vital nutrients for your bubbly bundle of joy.

5. Switch To The Most Comfortable Sleeping Position

There really is a good side to pregnancy in the bed.

The American Pregnancy Association recommends that you sleep on your side (SOS) during pregnancy. More precisely, sleep on your left side. Not only does SOS help relieve pressure from your back, muscles, and joints, it will also help relieve pressure from your uterus as well.

These will enable more blood to freely pump to your baby, providing her with a sufficient supply of nutrients and oxygen to grow and develop.

And as she grows, she’ll gain more weight. By the time you cruise past the third trimester, you might no longer be able to sleep on your back.

Why? Because the extra weight could press against your vena cava vein, you might have trouble getting blood to flow and gush back to your heart and lungs. That’s not good.

One other thing. You’re going to need a good mattress that, like a comfy pillow, gets you the medium-firm support and cushy comfort you need in just the right mix.

This way you can easily curb back and joint pain that conspires to keep you awake through the hours and feeling super irritable, worn out and aching all overcome morning.

Mother-to-be need not suffer the insomnia-ness of a pregnancy. You need to get all the good night’s sleep you need for great health for both of your sakes. Well, until you have to keep up when they come around and have their own crib from which to call you.

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