Top Six Reasons You Should Ditch Steroids Now

Top Six Reasons You Should Ditch Steroids Now

Steroids are a shortcut to a chiseled body. But with every shortcut, there come the risks. So here are 6 reasons to ditch steroids for good!

Why wouldn’t a man take the shorter route to a ripped body? After all, steroids and their fast and massive effects on your body reduce the time spent in the gym. That’s true, but not safe.

Unfortunately, a significant number of people resort to steroids to lose weight and gain muscle mass quickly. But they do not understand the long-standing implications of taking steroids.

Even by ingesting steroids orally with a minimal amount of them getting released into the bloodstream you can get the unwanted side-effects.

If you think steroids are a safe way to rapid bodybuilding, think again!

Why Should You Ditch Steroids Now?

Following are six significant health hazards that steroids pose:

1. Baldness

Steroids shrink the size of the hair follicles. And when the hair follicles shrink, it thins the hair shaft that arises from the root.

As a result, the hairline starts receding and the hair follicles start dying. Following the process, the crown region of the skull starts losing hair.

Clinically called androgenetic alopecia, this condition arises because of the progressively increasing secretion of dihydrotestosterone or DHT.

2. Increased Risk For Life-Threatening Diseases

The holy trinity of the human body, brain, heart, and kidneys, is worst affected when steroids start altering the natural course of transmission and absorption of nutrients.

It also interferes with the nervous system, which is necessary for triggering essential processes in the human body.

Thus, you are staring right into death’s eyes with cardiomegaly (increase in the size of the heart), impaired liver and renal function, and compromised neurotransmitter system.

3. Infertility

The endocrine glands get the worst hit in people who consume steroids. It increases the estrogen and progesterone levels, which are the lady hormones, and decrease the testosterone levels.

As a result, your testicles start shrinking, and this creates an inhabitable environment for your sperm. The sperm count lowers and can often lead to infertility.

While it takes around six months to a year to regain the normal sperm count, hormone therapy and regular tests can take a toll on your everyday life.

4. Psychological Stress

An immediate effect of steroids, particularly anabolic steroids, is on the hormone panel. It leads to over secretion of adrenaline and alters the brain wave activity.

Along with psychological ailment, it also increases the chances of:

  • Clinical depression;
  • Mood swings
  • Cognitive disorders;
  • As well as increased aggression and rage.

5. Hormonal Imbalance

Steroids work primarily by reducing the fat content in the body and increasing muscle mass, thus giving the giant appearance in a short time.

If you’ve ever wondered how steroids work on your body, it’s by merely releasing the fat from the subcutaneous layer of fat.

Releasing this fat and using it up to generate body heat and induce repairs, they also secrete a large amount of estrogen.

This later estrogen deposits in the chest region resulting in enlarged male breasts also called gynecomastia. This condition is often accompanied by pain and nipple discharge.

Unfortunately, steroid-induced gynecomastia is challenging to treat with medications but can be treated via surgery.

6. Steroid Abuse And Dependence

Followed by opioid dependence, steroid dependence is another growing ailment, particularly amongst teenagers and millennials.

Psychological dependence on steroids can affect judgment, lead to insomnia and loss of appetite.

Over time, some users can experience tolerance towards the current dosage. But prolonged use can lead to cystic acne, steroid cravings, and even repeated suicide attempts.

Other than the above-mentioned health hazards, steroids obtained from black markets are illegal and lethal.

The usual route to a well-defined body may be tough, but that also makes it much more rewarding. So ditch steroids now if you’re already using them, and pick the clean, safe, and healthy path to bodybuilding.

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