The Best Core And Hip Exercises To Prevent Hernia

The Best Core And Hip Exercises To Prevent Hernia

We’ve selected the best core and hip exercises to strengthen your mid-section and help prevent hernia from occurring.

Unfortunately, hernias are relatively common in the United States. They happen when fluid or contents in some area of the body bulge outside of where they are supposed to be.

Factors like being overweight, having poor nutrition, and weak abdominal muscles can contribute to a hernia occurrence.

Thankfully, doing exercises to strengthen the core and hips along with maintaining a healthy weight can help prevent hernia.

Core Exercises To Prevent Hernia

Here are three best ab moves to help you prevent hernia:

1. Strengthen Your Core With Plank Holds

Plank Holds

Here’s how to properly do planks:

  • Lay on the floor with your belly down.
  • Place your palms directly next to your body on both sides of your rib cage. Keep elbows tucked into sides.
  • Engage your core to keep the body in one, long line.
  • Press down through your palms to straighten your arms until just before they lock out.
  • Balls of feet will be on the floor. Your body should make one long line from crown to feet.
  • Hold the plank for a set amount of time; add time as your core strength increases.

If a full plank is too intense at first, you might consider lowering knees to the ground into a knee-down plank, during which the body makes one line from crown to knees.

2. Do Side Planks To Prevent Hernia

Exercises For Hernia - Side Planks

Here’s how to properly perform a side plank:

  • Similar to a full plank, side planks require laying on one side and bringing the bottom forearm or palm to the floor to support your body weight.
  • Press through the grounding part to lift your body into one long line, with either forearm or palm and feet connected to the floor.
  • Hold the side plank for a set amount of time and increase it gradually.

3. Use An Ab Wheel To Prevent Hernia

Exercises To Prevent Hernia - Ab Wheel Rollouts

Here’s how to use an ab wheel to do exercises that help prevent hernia:

  • Using an ab wheel, which has a circular wheel in the center and long handles coming out of the middle on each side, assume a kneeling position with your weight shifted into your shins.
  • Hinge forward at the hips, holding the wheel, until it grounds to the floor in front of your body.
  • Engaging your core and keeping a long, straight spine, begin to control the wheel as it rolls forward until your body is completely elongated from crown to knees. Hands and the wheel will be outstretched above the head.
  • Then, use core strength to roll the wheel back under the torso and all the way back to your starting position.

Hip Exercises To Prevent Hernia

Strengthening hips can help to reduce the impact on your body’s core. Muscles around the hips can be strengthened in a number of ways.

1. Hip Bridges

Hip Bridges

Here’s how to do hip bridges:

  • Lay on your back with knees bent and soles of your feet on the floor about hip-width distance apart, relatively close to your body.
  • Stretch arms down by sides with palms facing down.
  • Start to press into your soles and palms to lift your hips as high as you can.
  • Squeeze through your adductors to keep knees from splaying apart.
  • To release, slowly lower your spine back to the floor and repeat.

2. Goblet Squats

Exercises To Prevent Hernia - Goblet Squats

Here’s how to perform goblet squats properly:

  • Hold a dumbbell of your choice vertically in both hands, with palms supporting the underside of one cap.
  • Place your feet slightly wider than hip-width distance apart.
  • Inhaling, start to bend your knees and lower your hips, shifting weight back into heels, engaging hips, quadriceps, and glutes until quads are parallel to the floor.
  • Exhaling, press down through your heels to straighten your legs and stop just before your knees lock out.
  • Shift hips forward at the top of the rep.
  • Repeat the movement as many times as desired.

Maintaining A Healthy Weight

Practicing cardiovascular health through an aerobic activity that you enjoy can help to maintain a healthy weight.

Take time to figure out what works for you and what you enjoy. Hiking, running, walking, dancing, swimming, and team sports are all possible options for aerobic fun.

Core, hip, and aerobic exercises can all help to prevent hernia so that instead of being fixed up with Physiomesh, you are injury-free.

By avoiding hernia surgery, you are sparing yourself recuperation time, and the possibility of an additional issue caused by the Physiomesh used to repair the abdominal tear.

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John G
John G
4 years ago

Are these exercises good for recent post-laparotomy recovery?