7 Fun Sports That Can Help You Lose Weight And Stay Healthy

7 Fun Sports That Can Help You Lose Weight And Stay Healthy

The value of competitive and fun sports for a healthy lifestyle is indisputable. You need it to stay healthy.

It does not matter how old you are, the more you incorporate sports into your lifestyle, the better chance you have of living a healthy and stress-free life.

Sport is fun but it is also beneficial to your body, both physically and mentally. It can relieve any form of body tension, leaving you relaxed and energized.

Sports and health life go hand in hand and that is why its integration into school curriculums is highly supported for the benefit of the kids. Besides, it promotes teamwork while building character.

Sports promote a healthy lifestyle now and in the future. Therefore, it is important you find the best sports for a healthy life.

Fun Sports To Enjoy

Here are the top 7 fun sports you can engage in for a healthy lifestyle:

1. Ice Skating

Fun Sports To Lose Weight - Ice Skating

Ice skating is fun, no matter your age. It can keep you fit, both physically and mentally.

Moreover, it is one of the best sports for a healthy life, as it keeps your whole body active without wearing it down.

The beginning can be tough, but once you get the hang of it, it can help strengthen your body muscles while shedding the unwanted fat away.

Besides, ice skating promotes a healthy and correct body posture, be it when sitting, standing or sleeping.

Nevertheless, you have to prepare for it in terms of gear and clothing. The best way is to get a fitting for the ice skate boots.

Always wear fitting clothes for swift glides and moves, be it indoor or outdoor ice-skating. You can check some of the best ice skates and their technical features by clicking here.

2. Swimming

Fun Sports To Lose Weight - Swimming

Swimming is one of the most celebrated sports for people of all ages, as it has a low risk of injury. It is recommendable for workouts at all stages of your life.

Besides, swimming is a fun and competitive sport that does not push your body to the limit, by constantly straining it.

Healthwise, it is best at strengthening your cardiovascular system, promoting flexibility as well as building muscles and relieving stress.

It can easily support your emotional health, no matter how old you are, thus promoting a healthy lifestyle in the long run.

3. Cycling

Fun Sports To Lose Weight - Cycling

Cycling is also a recreational sport that cannot wear you down no matter your age. You can opt to ride on the road or indoors using a stationary bike.

This sport is highly essential for healthy lifestyle habits, as you can ride it all your life. It can put a little stress on your body, but it will never wear you down.

Cycling improves body mobility and flexibility while increasing your stamina to be continuously active.

It can strengthen and tone your body muscles while improving your circulation as well as heart and lung function, thus making it a fun and healthy sport at the same time.

However, you have to be careful with open road cycling, as it exposes you to loads of dangers from the environment, other people, and vehicles.

Therefore, always stay safe with helmets, attached lights and reflectors on your bike and wear bright colored clothes.

4. Tennis


Tennis also promotes a healthy lifestyle. Even though it is a high impact sport with some wear and tear, it evolves with your body as you age.

It is the best sport for a healthy life, as it helps with aerobic and anaerobic exercises.

Tennis is great for building leg strength, improving agility, coordination as well as balance and flexibility.

Moreover, it also helps your heart stay in good health.

5. Volleyball


You can opt for volleyball as a non-competitive or a competitive sport. Either way, it will still keep you in tip-top shape, enhancing your lifespan by a magnitude.

Besides, it is considered the best sport for healthy living, as it can:

  • Increase your metabolic rate,
  • Boost your mood,
  • Help you burn some calories,
  • Build agility,
  • Strengthen body coordination.

Consequently, if you want to shed some weight, half an hour of non-competitive volleyball can burn between 90-133 calories.

However, if you are at a competitive level, you can burn between 120-178 calories within 30 minutes of the game. This shedding of calories depends on your body weight.

6. Basketball

Fun Sports To Lose Weight - Basketball

This is a very tiring sport but it builds confidence while promoting teamwork. You can also play it solo, just for fun, by shooting a number of hoops.

Research has found that it is among the top sports for a healthy life, helping you burn some calories while improving your body coordination.

Moreover, basketball can also lower your stress levels, foster quick decision-making capabilities as well as increase spatial awareness. You just have to make it a regular game for better results.

7. Rowing, Canoeing, Or Kayaking

Fun Sports To Lose Weight - Kayaking

Rowing or crew is a recreational sport that is enjoyable inland or on water.

You can partake in it as a team. It helps with group exercise, providing a serious workout on all your big muscles.

Likewise, it can help in strengthening your back, legs, arms, and core.

Rowing is much better than cycling and running combined, especially when it comes to the level of calories it can burn in your body within a given time.

However, if you are looking for an alternative sport with some similarities to rowing, but with less intensity then you can opt for kayaking or canoeing.

These two sports are great at working with your upper body. They can help you stay fit, in case of an earlier knee injury.

Therefore, you can easily manage to keep your body healthy and strong, by participating in any of these three recreational sports.

In conclusion, the importance of fun sports for a healthy life is undeniable in this busy society.

You need it in order to perform and function well, be it at school, home, work or even in social gatherings. It picks your brain, giving you something to talk about with other people.

Likewise, different kinds of fun sports promote a healthy lifestyle. You just have to pick one that works for your body.

However, if you are a beginner never opt for a sport that will strain your body.

Start slow with fun sports that have less impact, wear and tear on your body. Then you will be on the road to a prosperous and healthy life.

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