What Natural Antibiotics You Can Eat To Heal Yourself?

What Natural Antibiotics You Can Eat To Heal Yourself?

Although natural antibiotics are widely used in traditional medicine, even short term use of antibiotics on prescription can damage the good natural bacteria, or gut flora, found in our gastrointestinal tract.

Why is this so damaging? It can lead to antibiotic resistance over time and can leave a person in a very precarious position as bacterial resistance cannot be killed or controlled by antibiotics once it begins.

Is there a way we can help ourselves? Yes, of course there is! We need to look to our everyday foods (and some we would not always think to eat) to help us feel and look better when struck down by a common ailment such as a cold, skin condition, or upset stomach.

What Natural Antibiotics Help What Conditions?

There are some foods that become superfoods when it comes to assisting with our health and giving us back the nutrients we need when in poor health. Here are some natural antibiotics (make sure to check the infographic below for the full list):

  1. Anyone with a compromised immune system should look to fermented foods, examples of which include Sauerkraut and possibly the lesser known Korean food Kimchi.
  2. For digestion, try Ginger, and for sinus issues, opt for Garlic.
  3. To assist with the common cold, the herbal remedy Echinacea is one to road test.
  4. For skin issues a topical treatment of Coconut Oil can help with dehydration and it can also be ingested for internal health.
  5. If you are suddenly hit with a mild fever, reaching for Olive Leaf Extract, which can be found in your local health food store, can reduce the symptoms.

Next time when you have cold, skin condition, or upset stomach, try to rethink every meal and add some of these natural antibiotics into your diet.

For more superfoods that can help us heal ourselves naturally, have a look at this infographic created by the team at Evoke.ie:

Natural Antibiotics Infographic

Natural Antibiotics, Foods to Heal Yourself

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