Choosing Healthy Foods Is Not An Easy Task

Choosing Healthy Foods Is Not An Easy Task

Choosing healthy foods in your diet is not a very easy task, and it is not very well mastered by many people. So we’ve busted some myths about the food you thought was healthy.

Eating healthy does not mean spending a fortune on fancy food, but rather cooking simple dishes with common ingredients that you find in the market or store.

Sometimes there are some products that have been promoted as an important part of a healthy diet, but it turned out they do more harm to the body.

Tips For Choosing Healthy Foods

These are products you need to stay away from when looking for healthy foods:

1. Commercial Smoothies

They can contain up to 1000 calories each. This creamy drink may contain more calories than a cheeseburger.

A small glass of smoothie from the supermarket can have between 650 and 1000 calories due to a large amount of fruit, sugar, or various syrups.

It is preferable to do it at home without overdoing the quantity. Limit yourself to a glass of creamy smoothie made with a banana, some strawberries, and little soy or almond milk.

2. Ready-To-Eat And Frozen Foods

They have a high content of salt, which does not help even if you choose varieties lower in calories.

It also has a minimal nutrient content, because they contain many additives, instead of truly nutritious food.

So you can expect to find vegetable-like products, but be aware that they might not even contain any veggies at all.

3. Energy Bars

There are many energy bars on the market, full of fiber and protein. But because of the excessive amount of sugar, they do not differ greatly from other commercially refined sweets.

Be very careful when you choose and buy energy bars, and always check the label to see if they contain sugar and other ingredients that you do not know.

Find those bars that have nuts, whole grains, dried fruits instead of sugar, and cocoa powder instead of chocolate.

4. Sweet Yogurt

According to numerous scientific studies such as this recent one, yogurt is great for your gut since it increases the good bacteria.

But sweet and sugary yogurt shouldn’t be considered healthy food. That’s because the sugar content in these products is enormous.

So if you want to take care of your gut health, you should opt for plain or Greek yogurt instead. For all those who don’t consume dairies, there’s almond or soy yogurt.

Then you can make it sweeter by stirring in healthy foods like fruit, nuts, low-sugar granola, or chia seeds.

5. Canned Products

Most canned products are extremely high in sodium and contain lots of preservatives to extend their shelf life.

A diet high in sodium is linked to high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke.

Remember, a dish you cook from fresh ingredients is always healthier than a canned one.

But if you still want to go for the canned option, make sure to pick the one that:

  • Is low in sodium content;
  • Has as few preservatives as possible;
  • And doesn’t contain added sugar.

Basically, the shorter the ingredient list, the healthier the product. And this is also valid for any other product, not just the canned ones.

These simple ways of choosing healthy foods should help you reach your fitness goals without too much of a struggle.

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