8 Reasons Why You Need Lifting Hooks For Weightlifting

8 Reasons Why You Need Lifting Hooks For Weightlifting

Lifting hooks ensure that your workouts don’t put excessive strain on your wrists and forearms and help you lift heavier weights. Here’s why you need them!

If you are looking for a solution to lift heavier weights with utmost convenience, a lifting hook is what you need!

The Problem: Loose Grips

Weightlifting is amazing for building muscles, but it comes with a cost. Have you ever headed off to the gym, full of energy to work on those biceps of yours? All set to lift those heavy weights and flex in front of everyone.

But as soon as you lift the weight, a sudden thud startles you. As the gazes turn towards you, you realize that you’ve dropped a barbell. We all had a flashback of that loud, embarrassing sound, didn’t we?

No matter how familiar this scenario sounds, the risk is normal. Having loose grips is usual for every gym-goer. This might happen due to difficulty lifting weights, weak forearms, or small hands.

Many of us have loose grips because we don’t put in much effort in improving the grip.

However, just because you’ve suffered from this before doesn’t mean you have to in the future as well. We have the easiest and most efficient solution to the problem: lifting hooks.

If you want to save yourself weeks of hard work in improving your grip, then this is your answer. Here is how they can help you rev up your workout!

What Are Lifting Hooks?

Before moving to the benefits, let’s first get to know these better. Whether you are weightlifting, powerlifting, or bodybuilding, lifting hooks is essential.

These are made up of heavy-duty metal, shaped in the form of hooks that perfectly fit in your palms. The hooks are attached to the nylon strap that you have to wrap around your wrist.

Once you’ve wrapped it, the hooks will fall between your wrist and fingers, helping you grab onto that heavyweight better and smoother.

The barbells can now rest on the hook instead of your palms, preventing them from slipping out of your hands. No more embarrassment, no more fatigue, no more failure!

A weightlifter is always in hunger for achieving maximum potential and carrying out more reps than usual. Well, lifting hooks can help you get those beefy bodies with utmost ease.

Whether you’re lifting dumbbells or barbells, you would immediately feel a lesser strain on your hand, forearm, and elbow.

Lifting Hooks Benefits

Here are detailed the benefits of using lifting hooks in your workouts:

1. Focuses On The Right Muscles

When lifting off heavyweights, you need to ensure that the biceps are appropriately targeted. Lifting hooks allow you to keep every individual biceps engaged.

This doesn’t happen when you lift weights with your hands. This is because hand-lifting the weights focuses more on the lower arm, instead of the bicep.

As a result, you end up compromising your performance during pullups, deadlifts, or curls. You can prevent this by including lifting hooks in your workouts. They will allow you to engage your obliques, biceps, and hamstrings without unnecessary strain.

Eventually, you will find yourself lifting up weights for a long time because of the comfort and ease.

2. Promotes Wrist Support

The powerlifting hooks have a padded wrist wrap that supports the wrist. These hooks shift the weight from your wrist to the base of your hands, which enhances your overall stability.

Poorly supported wrists lead to severe strain, resulting in pain and even injuries. This takes away the entire purpose of lifting weights. Thus, it is super important to ensure that your wrists are fully supported.

Wrist hooks for weightlifting and specially designed to be adjustable. You can change the adjustment at your convenience to perform your deadlifts without any fears.

3. Hassle-Free Usage

The best thing about lifting hooks is that they are hassle-free. You wouldn’t have to worry about extra straps or wrapping the hooks around the barbells.

Durability is another factor that plays a significant role. No one desires to invest in a product that wrecks within a couple of days of use.

Weightlifting hooks such as those from DMOOSE are an excellent choice to opt for in this case. Its anti-slip resistance coating and no-drop grip ensure maximum security for the weightlifters. The premium quality makes it last longer and delivers value.

4. Powerful Hooks

When lifting a barbell, it’s very important to have a powerful and safe hook to the bar. This improves the tendency of the barbell to roll.

When lifting the weight with bare hands, you keep your fingers latched to your thumb. This doesn’t allow the barbell to move, which leads to a loss of grip.

With lifting hooks, there is more opportunity for the barbell to roll from the thumb. This means that you will have a safer and smoother workout.

5. Transmits Less Tension To Hands

Lifting hooks are made to decrease the strain on your hands, forearms, and elbows. When you have a better hold on the weight, you allow more power to come from the legs and hips.

This leads you to lift for a longer duration plus allows you to speed up your workout.

6. Enables The Lifting Of Heavier Weights

When we are about to lift heavier weights, our brain sends a signal to the forearms about the dangers of injury.

This is because our brain perceives the insecurity with which we are lifting weights. Due to this, less power is transmitted by the body to lift weight as a safety mechanism.

Lifting hooks serve us with a secure grip, reversing the brain’s signal. In turn, you are better able to lift heavier weights.

7. Enhances CrossFit Workouts

CrossFit is a high-intensity interval training with a predetermined workout time to build muscles. High-intensity weightlifting involves a lot of energy.

Weightlifting hooks verify to save your energy and keep your grip stronger throughout the workout. You’d experience yourself performing in an optimized manner, especially in a competition.

8. Improves Lifting Performance

Deadlift hooks enable you to lift heavier loads with lesser effort. Due to better levels of comfort and security, a lifter can pick up heftier weights.

When you are using lesser effort, you can put an increased level of power into your workout.

Overall, you would experience an improved lifting performance with the help of lifting hooks.


A gym freak always wants to improve his performance. They want to lift heavier weights and upgrade their fitness goals.

However, the passion for lifting weights and building muscle should have as low of a risk as possible. The lifting hooks are designed to verify that.

They improve your technique and secure your lifting. This leads to an enhanced quality of workouts with lower chances of failure.

So, if you are a weightlifter struggling with a weak grip, these hooks are all you need!

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