6 Fat Burning CrossFit Moves To Tone Your Entire Body

6 Fat Burning CrossFit Moves To Tone Your Entire Body

These 6 CrossFit moves will not only raise your heart rate but will challenge your entire body. You’ll be working your shoulders, arms, core, legs, and everything in between.

The goal is to finish this fat-burning workout as fast as you can without affecting your form. It’s a serious fat melter with 4 rounds of CrossFit moves that also involve using a barbell and a pull-up bar. Your entire body will really feel the burn!

If you’re not a beginner and have some experience with CrossFit exercises, then you can easily scale up this workout. Add more weights, or change the number of repetitions from 5 to 8, 10, or even 12. Just make sure every exercise is challenging enough.

Since this workout doesn’t involve too much fitness equipment, you can also do it at home if you already own a barbell with adjustable weights and a pull-up bar.

If you don’t have these things at home, but want to build your own home gym, start with these tips. Also, this CrossFit gym checklist can help you put together all the pieces you need to build your personal gym.

Let’s take a look over these CrossFit moves and see how they can help you burn fat and get in shape.

Top Fat Burning CrossFit Moves

Here are 6 of the best CrossFit moves to burn fat and get to your ideal weight:

1. Thruster (4 x 5 reps)

CrossFit Moves - Thruster

In a single movement, take a barbell from a squat and stand to put it overhead.

Make sure your hips are below knees before you explode with the weight over your head. When the barbell is up, your body should be in a straight line with your elbows, shoulders, hips, and knees locked out.

Tip: Keep elbows in front of the bar to avoid losing balance and to get it overhead more easily.

With your barbell, you can also insert a deadlift in this thruster move. You can simply switch things up, depending on your strength, ability, and how long you’ve been accustomed to doing heavy lifting.

The purpose of the deadlift is to go down in weight and return the same weight to the top. The concept of the deadlift is that you’re going to be moving your weight off of your legs and using your back muscles to lift it up. So, while keeping your back straight, you’re also going to need to use a lot of strength in your lower chest and shoulders.

Going even more advanced, you can do another CrossFit move using the same barbell you’re using in this thruster. This is known as the basic double lateral lean. What happens is that you take a standard barbell and bend over so that you can both grasp the bars. Once you’re in this position, you’re going to simply lean back as far as you can.

You can then lift the barbell with one arm, and then bend the other arm in the opposite direction. This will force you to engage your back more than you normally would. What you want to do is to make sure that you’re pushing off on the balls of your feet while you’re lifting. This is going to enable you to generate more power and force through the lift.

With these many CrossFit exercises you can perform using your barbell, it only highlights, even more, the importance of choosing the right barbell for you. Otherwise, you won’t be able to maximize the effects of the workout.

2. Snatch (4 x 5 reps)

CrossFit Moves - Snatch

Take a barbell from the ground, with a wide grip and back straight, and catch it overhead in a single movement. You should be in a low squat position with elbows locked out overhead and hips below knees.

Then explode straight up locking out your elbows, shoulders, hips, and knees.

Tip: Use a hook grip to keep hands from slipping on the bar.

3. Clean And Jerk (4 x 5 reps)

CrossFit Moves - Clean And Jerk

Take a barbell from the ground to the shoulders, and then from the shoulders to overhead. Keep your back straight during the entire exercise.

Tip: All the power in this lift comes from the legs, so drive through your heels and open your hips for the most power.

4. Burpee (4 x 10 reps)

CrossFit Moves - Burpee

From standing, squat and plant hands on the ground, jump feet out to do a pushup, and then return to the standing for a jump.

Tip: Keep moving – you can always do another burped, even if it isn’t pretty!

The great thing about burpees is that you’re also doing squats at the same time. The purpose of the squat is to bring your body close to full form so that your legs are carrying the weight of your body. This will require that you use more of your leg strength than your back.

The more parallel your legs are, the higher percentage of body fat you can burn. The key to this move is to keep your back straight throughout the movement.

5. Muscle-Up (4 x 5 reps)

CrossFit Moves - Muscle-Up

On Olympic rings (or a bar), start with a pull-up and, at the top, drive your torso above the rings (or bar) until your elbows are locked out.

Tip: Drive your hips and torso up in a kip to ease the transition from under the rings (or bar) to on top.

6. Chest-To-Bar Kipping Pull-Up (4 x 5 reps)

CrossFit Moves - Chest-To-Bar Kipping Pull-Up

Hang from a bar with elbows straight and shoulders engaged. Using the momentum from your body, swing and drive your chest up to make contact with the bar. then return to a hanging position.

Tip: To reset your swing at the top of the bar, push away as hard as you can.

These CrossFit moves should pump up your heart rate and make you sweat like a pig. If that’s not the case, then the weight you’re using is too light. Add more weight and start again.

Make sure you’re doing at least 4 sets. When performing the last round, use heavier weights to make sure your body gets the challenge it needs.

Fat Burning CrossFit Workout Infographic

Here is a shareable infographic that can help you shed some unwanted fat with simple, clear, and easy-to-do CrossFit moves:

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