Squats And Lunges Are My Favorite Legs Training Ideas

Squats And Lunges Are My Favorite Legs Training Ideas

My Favorite Legs Training Ideas

Welcome to bikini season, the time where every girl who has ever been self-conscious (99.99% of us, right?) is wondering if she has what it takes to wear that new swimsuit she just bought. Well if you are feeling the same, here are a two of my favorite legs training ideas that will help you tone in a really short time. And remember! Don’t be scared of the weights- when it comes to the legs and butt they are your best friends in the gym.

1. Squats

The squat is one of the best exercises you could do, and this isn’t just a legs training… it’s an exercise for your entire body! True, it does activate all the muscles in your legs (hey, sexy!), but it also engages your core and your lower and middle back to help you keep balance. A simple bodyweight squat activates so many areas of the body- your legs, of course, but also your hips, your core, your back, and even your shoulders and arms.

Here is the proper way to do this legs training: keep your feet about shoulder-width apart, point your toes a little bit outward, and lower your booty. This works best if you are careful to lower your butt until it goes a little bit below the knee level. As you go down your quads (muscles in front) are activated, and also your hamstrings (muscles on the back of your legs), and as you pass the parallel level and drop below your knees, that’s when your glutes come into play. Working your glutes means you’ll have a nice firm butt in no time. Pay attention so that your knees to do not go over your toes so as to have a correct form that does not injure your knees.

One of the main reasons why this is a great legs training is because it activates some of the largest muscles in the body- the quads and the hamstrings. In order to keep these muscles going for all reps, your body will spend more calories fueling their movement than it would with other smaller muscles. So aside from getting some nice curves in all the right places, you’re also going to be shedding fat from burning more calories through your legs training than through your other usual exercises.

30 day squat challenge

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