Squats And Lunges Are My Favorite Legs Training Ideas

Squats And Lunges Are My Favorite Legs Training Ideas

2. Walking Lunges

If you really want to make things interesting, try the walking lunges. This is a legs training that activates about the same muscles as the squat, but since the movement is different, each muscle is targeted in a different way. This exercise will not only make your quads a little sore, but it will also include your glutes and hamstrings, and also you’ll feel a bit of a burn in your adductor and abductor muscles (these are the muscles from the inside of your thighs, and from the outer, upper part of the leg).

The walking lunge is a seemingly easy exercise, but it’s extremely effective. Just take one big step in front with your right leg, lowering your left knee until it almost touches the ground. Then bring your left foot next to your right foot so that you stand up. Then repeat the same move with your left foot going in front. Pay attention, it’s extremely important for this legs training, as it was with the squat, that you do not have your knees going beyond the tip of your toes. That would out too much strain on your knees and could lead to injuries, so remember to always check your form.

30 day walking lunges challenge

Both these exercises can also be done while holding some dumbbells, and keep in mind they are extremely easy to do, but the next day you’ll be feeling the burn!

And to top things off, you can also work your calves by finishing your legs training with a light jog, or with rope jumping. This way you combine exercises for your legs with a bit of cardio activity, which will help you melt away your fat super-quick.

What’s your favorite legs training? Share your exercise tips for sexy legs in the comments section.

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