Back Pain Reduced By Abdominal Exercises

Back Pain Reduced By Abdominal Exercises

People who have back pain or back problems must be careful when working their abdominal muscles. Hip and spine movement must be kept to a minimum and you should consult a physiotherapist before beginning a workout tougher.

The trunk of the body can be defined as all muscles and connective tissues surrounding the spine, so make sure you do not put pressure only on the abdominal area, but all muscle groups to avoid health problems.

Abdominal Exercises To Prevent Back Pain And Problems

Stretching exercises before all!

Classic Crunches

They are best known in abdominal muscles training. In order not to put too much pressure on the spine, follow these instructions:

1. Sit back and raise one knee bent.

2. Gently lift your shoulders, position your hands behind your head, get up easily, inspire and return to starting position. Do 4-6 repetitions.


Pelvic Tilt For Back Pain

These exercises not only strengthen the abdominal muscles but improve the posture too. Remember to breathe normally, even if you tend to hold your breath while performing exercises.

1. Sit back and bend your knees, hands remain stretched sides.

2. Tighten your abs and buttocks, press the feet on the floor and lift your middle body.

3. Hold a few seconds and release. Do 8 to 10 repetitions.

back pain pelvic tilt

Knee Flexion

1. Lie on the floor and support in lateral position with head in hand.

2. With your other hand, grab the opposite leg and pull it back until you feel a pressure in the spine.

Attention! Do not overdo it. Hold as long as you feel comfortable. Do 4-8 repetitions.

back pain knee flexion

Superman Exercise

Are most effective for people who have back problems.

1. a) Sit with face down, arms and legs stretched.

b) Contract your abdominals and lift your chin and toes while.

c) Maintain position as much as possible and repeat 4-8 times.

2. a) Stay in the same position

b) Hold out your hands in front and very much lift your legs as much as possible

c) Do 4-8 reps

3. As in previous exercise, only alternate feet.

4. In the same position, raise your hands as much as possible and do 4-8 reps.

back pain superman crunches

Check out these exercises for back pain too!

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