11 Fat-Melting Foods To Ignite Your Weight Loss

11 Fat-Melting Foods To Ignite Your Weight Loss

Diet is the most important part of a weight loss process. So make sure that you add all these fat-melting foods to your shopping list.

When it comes to losing weight you don’t always have to eat less or cut out whole groups of foods. The right thing to do is to eat enough food to give your body the fuel it needs to take care of itself.

Your body is in need of nutrients and calories to function properly. When you choose to eat healthily, you are doing much more than just not eating junk food.

Healthy eating means that you give your body the right foods, the right nutrients, and you boost your metabolism. All these mean that you speed up your weight loss process.

So by adopting a healthy lifestyle, you will improve your health, you will lose weight, and even feel better about yourself.

Fat-Melting Foods That Boost Weight Loss

These 11 foods will help you lose weight faster and jump start a healthy living for you. Add these fat-melting foods to your shopping list next time you go to the grocery store.

1. Chicken

Chicken Breast Filet For Weight Loss

This is one of the best foods you can eat if you want to lose weight. Chicken is low in calories, rich in protein, and helps you lose body and abdominal fat.

It will also boost your lean muscle mass if you include chicken in your diet. A grilled and skinless chicken breast is a great addition to any effective weight loss plan.

The overall calorie intake and energy use will determine if you are successful or not in losing weight. By eating chicken breast, without the skin or breading, you will consume fewer calories and burn off extra calories for an effective weight loss.

The chicken will fill you up without adding extra calories to your meal. A 3-ounce portion of chicken breast provides 103 calories and 19 grams of dietary protein.

Eating more protein will boost your body’s energy use and you will feel more satiated. This means that proteins will make you feel fuller from fewer calories and it will help your body burn extra calories.

2. Mustard

Mustard For Fat Burning

You may not know this, but mustard is one of the healthiest condiments. It has no added sugar in it and contains antioxidants.

As an ingredient in mustard, you will find turmeric, which is a powerful Alzheimer’s and cancer-fighting agent. (1, 2)

Mustard can have a role in weight loss, especially if you choose spicy mustard. That is because according to Penn State University, spicy foods can increase your metabolism for 30 minutes after you consume it.

You can buy the spicy kind pretty much everywhere.

3. Walnuts

Walnuts Promote Weight Loss

A Harvard study showed that eating walnuts will reduce your hunger and it will make you feel fuller. This happens because when you eat this type of nut you activate an area in your brain that is connected to craving controls and hunger.

They are filled with omega 3 fatty acids that make your body burn fat faster. Consuming walnuts in moderation will help you reduce your appetite, and it has been linked to reduced risks of diabetes and obesity. (3)

4. Pears

Fat-Melting Foods - Pears

Pear is one of the best fat-melting foods. Being rich in fiber, helps you feel fuller for a longer period of time.

Pears are also high in glucose and fructose, which will provide you a natural energy boost.

But the best thing about pears, which you can’t find in any other fruits, is that it slows down the carbohydrate absorption in your bloodstream. This means that there are no rapid spikes or falls of your blood sugar levels, so less craving for more food.

Pear is associated with better nutrient intake, better diet quality, and better weight parameters in adults.

5. Spinach

Spinach Is A Fat-Burning Food

This leafy plant is low in calories and high in nutrients which makes it the perfect weight-loss food. It has a high content of water and fiber, and it is naturally low in fat and carbs.

So whether you eat it cooked or raw, spinach is an excellent fat-melting food that offers your body a lot of nutrients. It contains Vitamin B6, iron, calcium, magnesium, folate.

Next time you plan on ditching the spinach, think of the nutrients your body can enjoy if you give it a try.

6. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Peppers Are Fat-Melting Foods

This red pepper can curb your appetite, it can speed up your metabolism, and it helps you burn calories. In addition to this, eating cayenne pepper can help you lose weight faster.

Eating this spicy pepper causes your body’s temperature to rise. This makes your body go into a cooldown mode.

This process causes your body to burn more calories. So, as a result, your weight loss process increases as you eat spicy peppers.

7. Sweet Potatoes

Lose Weight With Sweet Potatoes

One sweet potato contains only 90 calories and it’s an excellent source of nutrients and vitamins. They contain Vitamin A, Vitamin C, iron, calcium, selenium.

Raw sweet potato contains 77% water, carbohydrates 20%, protein 1.7%, fiber 3%, and almost no fat. They contain a specific kind of fiber that is called starch, which can help reduce the risk of obesity. (4)

8. Whole Grain Foods

Sandwich With Whole Grain Bread

Eating whole-grain foods can significantly speed up and improve weight loss. (5)

These foods are rich in magnesium, fiber, and Vitamin B. Consuming fibers is great because they make you feel fuller which will keep you from overeating.

You can easily integrate whole grain foods into your diet. Have a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast or snack on whole-grain crackers.

Skip the white bread and eat your sandwich made with whole wheat bread.

9. Salmon

Salmon For Weight Loss

This fish has more omega 3 fatty acids than any other food, and it helps with fat burning.

In addition, salmons are high in lean protein that helps you with muscle building. This is great because the more muscles you build the more fat you are burning.

The protein will make you feel full, it will promote muscle regeneration, and it will assist with weight loss.

10. Grapefruit

Grapefruits Are Fat-Burning Foods

This citrus contains many vitamins and minerals and has more water than any other fruit. It contains 93% water, which is great because your body needs water to function properly.

So by eating grapefruit, you deliver your body lots of nutrients, water, and very few calories.

Eating grapefruit can help you lose weight and inches off of your waist, so it can be a key ingredient if you want to lose weight. (6)

There is also a diet based on grapefruits that promise huge results in a short span of time. It’s called The 3-Day Grapefruit Diet.

11. Eggs

Eggs Breakfast To Ignite Fat-Burning

They’re rich in vitamin D, antioxidants, and choline which will significantly boost your metabolism. Eating eggs for breakfast is the perfect way to start your day.

Eggs are also rich in protein and a protein-rich breakfast will promote the feeling of fullness. (7)

A protein-rich breakfast can boost your metabolism by 25%. This helps burn calories faster and makes eggs one of the most efficient fat-melting foods.

Incorporate all these fat-melting foods into your diet and fire up your weight loss. Having a healthy diet is essential when it comes to losing weight, so make sure that you add these foods to your shopping list.

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