The 3-Day Grapefruit Diet For Super Fast Weight Loss

We all want to look great on an upcoming event, and the outfit is really perfect when you feel good about yourself. If you want to lose a few pounds quickly, then follow the grapefruit diet. It gives instant results and infuses your body with a high dose of vitamin C.

Grapefruit Diet is popular and gives immediate results – in just three days, you will get rid of at least 3 pounds. Discover with us the real power of this quick, but effective diet!

Why Grapefruit For This Diet?

Delicious and full of vitamins, this exotic fruit flavor is very low in calories (about 40 calories per 100 grams of fruit). And it contains many vitamins, minerals and fiber, all essential for your health.

For example, did you know that 200 grams of grapefruit gives the TOTAL recommended daily intake of Vitamin C?

In addition, grapefruit offers Vitamin A, calcium, magnesium, potassium and fiber.

Nutritional Value Of Grapefruit

Grapefruit Diet’s Rules

The 3-day grapefruit diet is NOT recommended for people with health problems.

Also, avoid dieting in times of stress, because you have to rest as much as possible and drink plenty of water, which will keep you from starving.

This is not a diet that has a long-term follow and if you feel you have a general malaise, return to a normal diet.

During the 3 days of dieting, make sure to chew your food slowly, drink plenty of water and rest enough.

Here is a 3-day meal plan for the grapefruit diet:

1. First Day – 1,024 Calories

Here’s what you should eat in the first day of the grapefruit diet:


  • Black coffee or tea;
  • ½ Grapefruit – fruit or juice;
  • A slice of toast with peanut butter.


  • Black coffee or tea;
  • 60 g tuna in its own juice or tomato;
  • A slice of toast.


  • 100 g chicken;
  • 120 g of carrots;
  • An apple;
  • 60 g green beans;
  • 3 tablespoons of vanilla ice cream.

2. Second Day – 1,137 Calories

In the second day you’ll eat foods with a total of slightly less than 1200 calories. Here’s what you’ll eat:


  • Black coffee or tea;
  • An egg;
  • Half a banana;
  • A slice of toast;


  • 60 g of tuna in its own juice or cottage cheese;
  • 8 crackers.


  • Two beef sausages;
  • 200 g of cabbage or broccoli;
  • A carrot;
  • Half a banana;
  • 3 tablespoons of vanilla ice cream.

3. Last Day – 924 Calories

During the last day of the grapefruit diet you’ll be eating under 1000 calories, which is not very safe, but it’s effective!


  • Black coffee or tea;
  • 5 crackers;
  • 2 slices of cheddar cheese;
  • An apple.


  • Black coffee or tea;
  • A boiled egg;
  • A slice of toast.


  • 200 g fresh or canned pineapple;
  • 200 g of tuna;
  • 100 g of cauliflower;
  • 100 g of carrots;
  • 3 tablespoons of vanilla ice cream.

Being a very strict diet, the grapefruit diet makes a safe and rapid weight loss, but the main challenge is maintaining the weight when you return to regular eating.

Quick diets generally have a yo-yo effect, because you tend to eat more once you know you have “escaped” the diet, and put back the lost weight.

To avoid this yo-yo effect, gradually return to normal diet, and avoid any culinary excesses in the days following the diet.

If you follow these guidelines, you’ll be able to lose a few pounds up to the next event/party without putting them back on!

Be aware that the best way to lose weight for good is to adopt a healthy lifestyle, which brings you the figure and toning you’ve always dreamed of!

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