10 Facts About Coconut Oil You Need To Know

10 Facts About Coconut Oil You Need To Know

The “superfood” coconut oil can have profound positive effects on our body’s health, such as fat loss, skin care, hair loss prevention and various other health benefits. So use it to treat your body, not just to feed it.

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil

Here are the top 10 experimentally confirmed health benefits of coconut oil:

1. Has Powerful Medicinal Properties

This oil is very rich in medium length fatty acids (Medium Chain Triglycerides or MTCs), which are metabolized differently and can have therapeutic effects on several brain disorders, such as Alzheimer’s and epilepsy.

2. Coconut Consumers Are Really Healthy

The Tokelauans people get over 60% of their daily calorie intake from coconuts and there’s no evidence of heart disease among them. Kitavans people are another good example of healthy population that eat a lot of coconut.

3. Helps You Burn More Fat

The MCTs in coconut oil have been shown to help lose weight by increasing 24 hour energy expenditure by up to 120 calories.

4. Kills Bacteria, Viruses And Fungi

Coconut oil and its saturated fats can help you to prevent infections (such as candida) by killing harmful pathogens.

5. Makes You Eat Less Without Even Trying

The MCTs in coconut oil can make you eat about 250 calories less each day by significantly reducing your appetite. Over the long term, consuming it can be a winning weight loss formula.

6. Can Reduce Seizures

The MTCs in coconut oil are used to reduce seizures in epileptic patients by increasing the blood concentration of ketone bodies.

7. Improve Blood Cholesterol Levels

It can reduce Total and LDL cholesterol and increase HDL (good cholesterol), which means that consuming it over the long term can reduce the risk of heart disease.

8. Protects Skin And Hair Against Damage

There are a lot of uses for coconut oil besides the well known cooking. You can use it instead of sunscreen because it can block 20% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

You can use it as a shampoo for your hair because it can protect your hair against damage.

It can also be used as mouthwash to reduce bad breath, kill mouth bacteria and improve dental health.

For more unknown uses of this oil, here is a great infographic from Blendtec:

10 Unknown Uses Of Coconut Oil

9. Boosts Brain Function

MCTs found in coconut oil can supply an alternative energy source for the brain cells of Alzheimer’s patients, relieving the symptoms.

10. Helps You Lose Abdominal Fat

Since coconut oil can increase fat burning and reduce appetite, it really makes sense that you can lose weight by consuming it.

Taking 1 ounce (30ml) of coconut oil each day for a month, you can reduce your waist circumference with 1.1 inches (28 mm), without doing any exercises or restricting your calorie intake.

TIP: Don’t use the refined stuff from your market, choose only virgin coconut oil (such as this one) if you really want to get all its benefits.

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