Top 15 Most Crazy And Extreme Weight Loss Methods

Top 15 Most Crazy And Extreme Weight Loss Methods

11. Air Diet

One of the craziest fad diets to catch on recently with some celebrities such as Madonna, Michelle Pfeiffer and the human Barbie doll is the air diet. It is a diet based on Breatharianism, which is the belief that the body can be sustained by air and sunlight alone, and not food. Basically, people doing the diet only pretend to eat food, but don’t actually eat anything. It really just sounds like a fancy way of practicing anorexia.

12. Smoking

It is pretty well known that when you quit smoking you can often gain weight. Many people have taken this knowledge the other way around and started smoking specifically to lose weight! The problem is that smoking is as bad for your health as being 100 pounds overweight is. And if you start smoking when you are already overweight or obese, you are just asking for some major health problems!

13. Insulin Abuse

One of the most dangerous extreme weight loss methods is practiced sometimes by diabetics who are on insulin. If they inject themselves with less insulin than they actually need, they will lose weight because they are not getting enough to process the carbs they eat and their body burns their fat for energy. It is very dangerous however and can cause organ damage and shortened lifespan.

14. Using a Bite Counter

It’s already pretty commonplace to wear a pedometer around to track our every step. Now a new invention will count each and every bite you take throughout the day! Dieters who wear a bite counter on their wrist like a watch can use the device to help keep them from mindlessly overeating while watching TV. But it’s going to get pretty annoying keeping track of so many different numbers, assuming dieters who go this far are also tracking things like calories, fat and other stats.

15. Abusing Laxatives or Diuretics

Many women have abused laxatives or diuretics in an effort to lose weight, especially at the last minute before a big event. And though it may seem like it is working, the only weight you are really losing with either method is water weight and that can be really dangerous. In fact, extreme dehydration can eventually even lead to death.
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