Top 15 Most Crazy And Extreme Weight Loss Methods

Top 15 Most Crazy And Extreme Weight Loss Methods

6. Imaginary Gastric Band

Why go to extreme weight loss methods when you can just trick your body into thinking you did? It worked for Marion Corns! Just look at her results! She paid a therapist to hypnotize her into believing that she had been given the gastric band surgery. After five sessions, she claimed her stomach felt like it was smaller and she was full after eating smaller amounts of food. She immediately began losing about 3 pounds a week.

7. Spend a Week at High Altitude

If you want to lose weight while eating all the food you want and not exercising, all you have to do is move to an extreme elevation. A study was done on 20 overweight men who spent a week at an altitude of 8,700 feet. They were told to eat whatever they wanted and not to exercise more than a leisurely stroll. They lost an average of 3 pounds that week and kept an average of 2 pounds off for a month after returning home to normal elevations. Unfortunately further studies showed that the benefits wear off after living at high altitudes for 6 months so simply moving to the mountains won’t help long term, but a visit every once in a while might!

8. Tapeworm

Most people who get infected with tapeworms do so unintentionally by ingesting undercooked food such as pork. But some people have been known to ingest one on purpose with the goal of losing weight. The practice goes back over 100 years. Old advertisements have been found marketing them as a weight loss tool. And they just might work, but they are very dangerous as well and can cause symptoms such as intestinal blockage, organ failure, brain and nervous system damage and even death!

9. Liposuction

Many people think of liposuction as no big deal and just an easy way to lose weight without putting in the work. But in fact it is a very invasive and dangerous procedure. It can cause extensive bruising, takes weeks to recover from and make leave some strange bumps on your body. You also can’t get it done if you are extremely overweight.

10. Painful Tongue Patch

Do you compulsively overeat no matter what you do? Dr. Nikolas Chugay has come up with the weight loss method for you! He sews a polyethylene mesh patch onto his patients tongues so that it is painful to eat solid foods, forcing them to only be able to eat a liquid diet. Over 60 people have had the patch sewn onto their tongues and they have lost an average of 20 pounds each in the month he leaves it on.
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