At-Home Physical Exercises You Can Do In Just 20 Minutes

At-Home Physical Exercises You Can Do In Just 20 Minutes

Wanna get fit without going to the gym? This guide will help you get in your best shape ever by performing at-home physical exercises.

Wanting to get fit is what drives us to go to the gym. That’s quite logical too. When you want to look good and feel good, shredding a few pounds will make that happen.

But what to do when there is no time for the gym? Not everybody has a flexible schedule. Maybe you don’t have a gym near where you live. Maybe you don’t want to spend your money on a gym membership.

Well, there is still hope for you if you want to work out. What you need is a home workout routine.

Is Working Out At Home Really Effective?

Yes, working out at home can be fun, inexpensive, and much easier to fit into your busy life. Exercising at home regularly will help you adopt fitness as a lifestyle more easily.

You don’t need that much money or effort to design a great at-home workout routine. But if you want to create your own home gym, that’s fine. You just need more space and a budget to work with.

But if you don’t want to do the whole home gym thing, there are still a few things you can buy that won’t break the bank. You can buy equipment like dumbbells, exercise bands or a stability ball. You can use these to incorporate them into your workouts.

If you want to keep everything to a minimum and only use your yoga mat when doing your exercises, that’s fine too. You can use your body to burn fat and shed a few pounds.

The key is to do the right exercises. That is what will help you get fit and toned. Not those push up bars or expensive workout gears.

You can achieve your goals by creating a workout routine that fits your fitness level and burns fat from your trouble spots.

The 5 Elements Of Fitness

To make sure you are doing everything right, there are a few key elements your workout routine needs to incorporate.

To do an effective fitness routine at home, you need to incorporate these elements:

  • Warm-up;
  • Cardio/aerobic workout;
  • Resistance/strength training;
  • Flexibility moves;
  • Cooldown.

This is what you need to make sure that your workout routine will be effective and done the right way.

1. Warm-Up

Your warm-up can be a slow pace on a stationary bike, on an easy walk outside or the treadmill. You can even do some marching in place and a few arm swings before your workout.

2. Cardio

When doing your cardio part, you can just pick up the past and pedal faster, or run if you are outside or on a treadmill.

You can also do a few jumping jacks that will raise your heart rate. Or you can do a few aerobic moves by following a youtube video such as this one below.

3. Strength Training

Your resistance and strength training exercises can be push-ups, squats, and abdominal crunches. You can even work with small weight or exercise bands to make these moves harder.

4. Flexibility Exercises

You can work on your flexibility by doing some yoga poses or floor stretches. Maybe you want to learn how to do splits; that would be a great flexibility workout.

5. Cool Down

Your cooldown is kinda similar to your warm-up. Just do some marching in place and some arm swings to lower your heart rate to a resting state.

You can create your own workout routine with the exercises that you like. Just make sure to always start with a warm-up and a cooldown.

How Much To Work Out?

The ideal time for a workout is about 45 minutes, including the warm-up and the cooldown moves.

I’m sure that not everybody has that much time to spare. So to make sure that your routine is effective (when you have only a 20-minute time frame), all you need to do is to increase the intensity on your exercises.

For example, if you are on a stationary bike for your 45 minutes, try to do a harder setting for 20 minutes to get the best out of your workout in that time frame. And if you are running, go for a harder trail to make it more challenging.

Make your strengthening workouts more challenging too by doing compound exercises. These are the moves that train more than one muscle group at the time.

Squats will work your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves while push-ups will work your pectorals, deltoids, biceps, and triceps. So combine these two exercises; do a squat, then a push-up, and repeat.

Not a fan of creating a workout program from start to finish? There is no problem. Your solution is simple: YouTube.

This platform is full of workout videos that can work for you. Just make sure to choose one that fits you and your fitness level.

Getting Started On The Workout Routine

If you are a beginner, aim for 30 minutes of a cardio workout at least 3 times a week, and 20 minutes of strength training also 3 times a week.

Make sure that your strength workout covers all your major muscle groups in your upper body, lower body, abdominals, and back. Try to do 3 sets of 10 reps of each of your strength exercises.

No matter what at-home physical exercises you are doing, you need to make sure that you are starting slowly. Later, you can increase your workout time and intensity gradually. Listen to your body and its limits.

It is also important to stay motivated. Stay tuned to the things that motivate you. When you are working out at home, you can easily be distracted and lose focus.

At-home physical exercises can be easily interrupted. You have things that will divide your attention like kids and dogs, and things that will distract you like your phone or the internet.

When you are at home you can easily find something else you need to do. A good way to avoid all the distractions and stay motivated is by doing your routine in the morning.

Morning exercisers are more likely to stick with their routines. So get your at-home physical exercises done first thing in the morning and get on with your day.

How To Get The Best Of These At-Home Physical Exercises

There are a few tips that will help you stick to your workout routine and reach your goals, according to experts:

1. Challenge Yourself To Avoid Boredom

When doing at-home physical exercises you don’t have a variety of different workout gear or classes. Go on the internet or check out fitness magazines to check out new workouts.

Pictures are great for you. Use them as a guide to making sure you are doing your exercises correctly.

2. Find Yourself A Workout Partner

This will help you to stick to your routine. If you schedule a workout with a partner it will make it harder for you to find excuses why not to do it.

Make a plan and schedule your workouts a month in advance. If something will come up, reschedule your workout immediately.

3. Use A Journal To Track Your Progress

Write down in your journal any progress and breakthrough you have. If you are experiencing a bad day, make sure you write that down too. This will help you find a pattern you can break.

For example, you can find out that an omelet gets you through your morning workout better than a bagel.

4. Set Realistic Goals

Make sure to set goals like losing 15 pounds or training for a race. Set a goal that is within your reach and you can start working toward it right now.

You can even give yourself mini rewards on the way like a new pair of sneakers or some cool leggings.

5. Create Habits

Make at-home physical exercises as integral in your life as eating and sleeping. You have to think of this as a lifestyle change. It doesn’t end.

You need to get rid of that mind-frame that exercising is something you need to do for a period of time. It’s for life!

Start your at-home physical exercises right now. You can do it. Find something that motivates you to do this. Set yourself a goal that will keep you going.

Just find at least 20 minutes of your time that you can dedicate to your workout. Disconnect from everything and do this for yourself.

Work out to feel better, look better, and have a better body and mind connection.

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