Top Weight Loss Apps To Get In Shape Fast

Top Weight Loss Apps To Get In Shape Fast

Wanna lose weight fast? Your phone can help. Just download one of these weight loss apps, use it daily, and you’ll get in shape in no time.

Your smartphone is available for every facet of your life. And one of the purposes which is gaining popularity by the day is the use of a smartphone as a great weight loss companion.

Your smartphone has the capability to act as a great fitness coach and assist you in reaching your weight loss target.

To get in shape, here are the best weight loss apps you can download right now and quickly shed a few pounds.

The Best Weight Loss Apps

Time to turn your iPhone or Android phone into a personal trainer dedicated to keeping you in top form.

Most users have reported losing up to 25 pounds just by using one of these weight loss apps:

1. Lose it

Lose it is a dedicated app that can be found on the Google Play Store or Apple Store. It helps users keep tabs on their weight and has all the features necessary for daily tracking of what the user is eating.

The record-keeping and diary automatically mean that clients can stay on track of whatever they do regarding their weight.

The application acts by automatically generating the calorie count of every item you put in it. There is a detailed chart in the app that can give you a quick view of your activity.

It also has a scannable barcode for importing food directly into the app. There is even a dedicated aspect that allows users to take up challenges with other weight loss partners.

One notable feature of the Lose it app is the image recognition feature. With this feature, all you need do is take a picture of whatever food item is on display and it automatically adds that item to your list and counts the calories.

This app promotes weight loss by helping you control your food intake and portion sizes more accurately.

2. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is a very popular app just like the Lose It app that allows you to track the calorie intake of food items.

It also helps you exercise, keep track of your metabolic activity, and allows you the freedom to connect with friends and family that motivates you.

MyFitnessPal has a searchable database of the most popular food items known to man. All you need to do is log into your smartphone and access this database.

This app is a service-free product that allows you the liberty of setting a healthy diet goal.

3. SparkPeople

SparkPeople is a great app that looks similar to the Lose It app discussed above. It has all the great features of a weight loss app.

One major distinguishing feature is the community integration that allows you to contact the immediate weight loss community.

In this community, you are free to ask questions, learn from experts, find motivation, and share other people’s achievements.

You are also allowed to make useful contributions to help those that might be struggling with their weight loss goals.

There is a wide range of articles and helpful weight loss guides to keep you on track and motivated.

4.  WeightWatchers

The WeightWatchers app is a great tool for losing weight but it does not come free. It is a more pricey option than most of the weight loss apps available in the market today.

The monthly subscription goes as high as $19.95. Opera Winfrey once made this app very popular when she told her audience she was successful at losing over 40 pounds.

Because it’s a paid subscription app, we believe the fee charged must be commensurate with the features and usefulness of the app.

The WeightWatchers app uses smart points instead of calorie count to track calorie intake. With this feature, users no longer have to track calories but only have to take into consideration a single set of numbers as points.

There is a Fitbreak companion app that comes with the WeightWatchers app that helps you take regular fitness breaks throughout the day.

5. FitBit

The Fitbit app is not only a device you can buy, but it’s also a companion useful at helping you lose weight.

It helps you get in shape fast because it has many sensors and tracking features that keep you informed about your weight loss progress. It’s one of the most sophisticated weight-loss apps in the fitness industry.

With the Fitbit app, you can become more active, lose weight, and even track your sleeping and basal metabolic rate.

It comes equipped with a step-by-step guide and calorie-burning tracking feature while you are on the go.

You should choose this up if you already have friends or family members who are on the Fitbit device. There are a lot of fun challenges that will keep you motivated and engaged always.

More Fitness Apps

We’ve listed above five of our favorite weight loss apps: Lose it, MyFitnessPal, SparkPeople, WeightWatchers, and FitBit. But these are not the only ones you can use to lose a few pounds.

Besides these very popular fitness apps, there are a few more that proved effective and work in a similar way.

Here are a few more weight loss apps to choose from if you want to start a weight loss journey:

  • Pact;
  • FatSecret;
  • Fooducate;
  • Cron-o-meter;
  • HealthyOut;
  • StepBet;
  • Noom;
  • Nike Training Club;
  • Nudge;
  • Sweat;
  • MyPlate;
  • 7 Minute Workout;
  • BetterMe;
  • Happy Scale;
  • KetoDiet.

Now, all these apps for weight loss are really helpful and try to solve problems such as tracking calories, sticking to new habits and ditching the old ones, exercising regularly, and recording our weight.

Some of you might find these weight loss apps very useful, but for others, they can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

Nevertheless, fitness professionals recommend you to experiment with these weight loss apps and see which one fits your style and brings real results towards reaching your weight goal.

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