Home Cooked Food | How To Calculate The Calories?

Home Cooked Food | How To Calculate The Calories?

How Do You Calculate How Many Calories Are In Your Home Cooked Food?

When you buy from the store you know how many calories are in a serving of crackers or a piece of pie, because it’s written on the packaging. What happens, though, when you make crackers at home or prepares a bowl of spaghetti? You must learn to calculate your calories of each home cooked food.

The ones who diet from various reasons, related to the figure or health, take a constant struggle with the number of calories they are allowed to consume in a day. Quite difficult if you do not eat only raw fruits and vegetables or foods that have been packaged ready in a label with nutritional values​​. No need to quit your diet because of the home cooked food as long as you know how to calculate the number of calories it contains.

To determine the number of calories in one serving must know, first, the total number of calories in your pot. Although it seem hard at first, over time you will keep in mind the number of calories of the ingredients often used and you will be able to draw up a table with the ones you prefer.

Divide into two columns the ingredients used in the recipe: on one hand the ones you buy packaged with calories listed on them, on the other hand the rest of the foods: vegetables, fruits, meat …. In line of each ingredient already packed write the amount of calories in accordance with the weight used in the recipe. For example, sugar has 380 calories per 100g.

For the unpacked ingredients use lists that you find on specialized sites. We love the list compiled by the U.S. Department of Agriculture where you can find the individual components and nutritional value per 100g. You can find the list here.

Collect all the calories and divide it by the number of servings.

how to count calories for home cooked food

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