5 Weird Weight Loss Tips To Help You Eat Less

5 Weird Weight Loss Tips To Help You Eat Less

This article contains 5 really weird ways to lose weight. I know a lot of people have questions about weight loss or weight maintenance. And in a world that is full of Burger King, McDonald’s and TV I understand that a lot of people have a hard time maintaining their weights or getting to a healthy way that’s better for their bodies.

5 Weird weight loss tips

I want to give you 5 simple weight loss tips that are really weird, you wouldn’t expect, I certainly didn’t. These weird weight loss tips were proven by research to help people to lose weight.

1. Eat off of green or blue plates

Or eat in a green and blue painted kithcen. And the reason why is because scientifically and psychologically, colors like green and blue are supposed to be relaxing and help us to eat less. They’re actually appetite suppressants. We see them but we don’t feel as hungry, we don’t wanna eat as much.

On the other hand, colors such as red and yellow especially used in that combination trigger our boddies to eat more. Have you ever notes how Burger King, Taco Bell, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, KFC, all of these fast food chains have the colors red and yellow all up over them? And it’s not just a little bit red and a little bit yellow, it’s like literally red-yellow fast food. That is psychologically done to make people more hungry, to make them want to eat more.

So avoid colors like red and yellow in your kitchen or where you’re eating and try to stick with colors such as green and blue.

2. Eat with members of the opposite sex

For instance if you’re a woman, eat around other man. Or if you’re a man eat around women, whether that’s a date, whether that’s someone you’re in a relationship with, whether is just friends. What is really interesting about this especially for women, is that women psychologically eat less when they’re around men.

The way that this study perceives is that women actually of eating a lot is being “manly” and women who eat less are “feminine”. So even if you’re not trying to impress the opposite gender, it’s logistically what we do subconsciously as humans, as Homo sapiens. And even if you’re not attracted to the opposite sex, for some reasons it still works.

I found this as a real weird weight loss tip but there have been studies on it and it seems like it has been helping people lose a couple pounds.

3. Eat with the opposite hand

If you’re ambidextrous (you can use bothe hands) then I guess this is not really help you. But if you’re normally right handed try to eat with your left hand, or if you’re normally left handed try using eating utensils in your right hand.

And the reason why this weird weight loss tip work is because we’re not used to eat with that opposite hand and it’s gonna take us a little more time to get that food on the fork and then to our mouth. this is just uncomfortable. Taking that extra time gives our body more time to digest the food. Also we’re concentrating more on what we’re eating especially for people who eat in front of a TV.

4. Turn off lights at night

If you sleep with the TV on, if you sleep with the computer on or if you sleep with lights on it can actually cause you to weight more. There have been studies that show that people who sleep with the lights on tend to eat more during the day.

Sleeping with the lights on doesn’t let the melatonin work properly. In order to have a good sleep we create melatonin and with the light on we can’t create that melatonin in our boddies. And we know that sleeping well is essential to loosing weight and maintaining a healthy weight.

5. Sit at the end of the table

Another weird weight loss tip is to sit at the end of the table or to  sit with your back facing away from the food at a restaurant.

What happens in the traditionally restaurants when they bring appetizers such as chips or bread bowl or anything like that they put it right in the middle of the table. If you’re at the end of the table you probably still reach for that chips. But you’re not gonna reach as frequently as if it was right there in front of you if you’re sitting in the middle of the table.

If you have your back to the buffet you’re not constantly seeing the food, you’re not constantly look at what you’re gonna eat next. When you’re back is to the buffet you can concentrate on enjoying the food in front of you.

So those were 5 super weird weight loss tips that I hope helped you. If you know any other crazy ones that worked for you or you’ve heard about or read research studies of be sure to share in a comment below.

Weird weight loss tips

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