5 Minute Weighted Abs Exercises For Advanced

5 Minute Weighted Abs Exercises For Advanced

I’m gonna take you through a really quick ab intensive workout which contains 5 weighted abs exercises. So we’re gonna get those abdominal muscles, obliques and lower back on this one and we’re gonna use weight for this.

You can do all these exercises without weight if you want to, otherwise you can use a dumbbell or a kettlebell. In fact you can use whatever you have and it has any kind of weight to it to make it that much more difficult and to build a little extra strength to those abs.

We don’t necessarily need to do a warm up for these weighted abs exercises because all the noves are relatively slow motions.

Weighted Abs Exercises

Let’s start with the first one which is gonna be a weighted toe touch.

1. Weighted Toe Touch

Lay flat on your back with the legs straight up in the air. Grab your weight and be careful not to drop it on yourself. Now crunch up nice and tight and try to touch your toes with the weight. You need to keep your shoulders off the mat all the time. Try to keep your legs locked out and feel your hamstrings stretched. Perform this weighted abs exercise for one minute.

Weighted Toe Touch

2. Russian Twists

For this weight abs exercise you need to get up on your tailbone, lean back with your arms straight and rotate left and right. Of course you need to grab the weight before starting this exercise. The further you lean back, the harder it’s gonna be. The more weight you use, the more you’re gonna feel in your obliques. Do these Russian twists for a minute straight.

Russian Twists

3. Back Bows

Lie down on your belly with the legs and arms fully stretched. Grab a light weight and try to reach up with your arms and legs, while your belly it’s still on the mat. Keep your legs and arms stretched during this weighted abs exercise and try to keep your legs off the mat all the time. Perform these moves for about a minute.

Back Bows

4. Jacknife Crunches

Grab the weight and lay flat on your back with arms and legs fully stretched. Crunch it up and try and at the same time lift up your legs too. Try to touch your toes with the weight and get back down nice and slow. Do not touch the ground with your legs or arms. Keep it going for a minute.

Jacknife Crunches

5. Rotating Side Star Dips

Stand in a push-up position with the weight in front of you. Rotate to your left side, grab the weight, hold it on your right hip and dip down your hips. Get back up and then to the starting position. Now rotate to the other side and do the same moves. You need to press your hip up as high as you can on each side. Perform this weighted abs exercise for a minute.

Rotating Side Star Dips

If you want to torch those abs a little bit more, just run way back through it again, otherwise this ab workout is complete. Try to perform these weighted abs exercises at least 3 times per week to see real changes at your belly level. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends who might need it. Stay fit!

Weighted Abs Exercises

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