Time To Stop Making Excuses: Weight Loss Tips

Time To Stop Making Excuses: Weight Loss Tips

Are There Some Useful Weight Loss Tips?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for your entire life, you can probably say you are quite knowledgeable in the field of weight loss tips even if you’ve never had problems with your weight in your life. How could you not, when magazines and ads are 90% of the time centered on this idea?

But the sad truth is that most weight loss tips are unrealistic and unhealthy (cabbage soup diet? Really?) and seem too complicated, even though losing pounds in itself is a pretty easy deal if you don’t expect miracles overnight. So we’ve gathered a collection of weight loss tips that anyone can try without feeling like they have to completely revolutionize their life to start this journey.

1. Drink Water

I’m not about to tell you to fill your stomach with water as a way of replacing food- unhealthy undereating  is NOT on my menu! The reason why one of the most basic weight loss tips is drinking water is because water helps our body function better, and as a consequence this increases our metabolism. And drinking water is also, counter-intuitively, a way of getting rid of excess water in the body- that’s how most people lose those first 3-4 pounds within the first days of any healthy diet. When there’s too little H2O in your system, the body clings onto every bit it gets. Once you make water your friend, your body relaxes and stops storing excess water because it knows that there will be another supply soon.

2. Eat! But Be Smart About It

I told you how I feel about starving yourself. To understand the effects, imagine that the body handles fat kind of like it handles water. If there’s a lack of it, it holds on to every bit and stores it as fat. That’s why one of the best weight loss tips is to eat- but be mindful of it! Watch the size of your portions, and make sure you are never eating less than 1200 calories a day- unless you’re fond of nausea, fatigue, hair loss and other “wonderful” effects of undereating. Make sure you have plenty of fruit and vegetables in your diet and you’re set.

3. Replace Your “Guilty Snacks” With Smarter Choices

One of my favourite weight loss tips is to replace salty treats with healthy alternatives. So when I feel like having potato chips (damn you Pringles!) I replace them with simple salted popcorn, which has less than  half the calories and just enough salt to feel like a “snack”, or even with home-made kale chips.  Feel like having some candy? Try frozen grapes or blueberries instead. They’re amazingly satisfying and easy to make at home, and have far less sugars and calories.

4. Find Your Favourite Fitness

I know all weight loss tips include a trip to the gym- but what if I told you it’s not actually mandatory?Gyms can be scary at first, do if you want some friendly weight loss tips, you try this: go for a jog instead, or join a yoga class, or even start riding your bike on weekends. Rather than to suddenly turn it upside down, the trick to most weight loss tips is to change your lifestyle into a healthier, more active version of what you’re already used to. And if the thought of exercising still intimidates you- don’t worry! Even a stroll through the park is an effective workout, as long as you do it with pleasure, and consistently.

Do you have any favourite weight loss tips? Share your experience on losing weight in the comments below!

As a bonus, here is an infographic with 11 weight loss tips:


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