This Pull-Up Workout Guide Will Help You Rise Above All

This Pull-Up Workout Guide Will Help You Rise Above All

Bodybuilders follow different routines to gain muscle, but no exercise equals to pull-up workout for its versatility and effectiveness.

A pull-up workout is the most versatile arms and back routine you can do almost everywhere. I am telling this from my own experience as I am also an avid fan of strength training.

Currently, I have three pull-up bars in my house. One is a ceiling bar in my garage gym; an outdoor pull-up bar is installed in the backyard, and the last one is situated in the doorway of my home.

Pull-up workout works on your upper body section, especially your back muscles, abs, and biceps. In fact, I have never felt the need of performing crunches or bicep curls, and I don’t think I will ever need it; because this workout has made my biceps and abs strong and has developed them well. After all,

To get better at pull-ups do pull-ups.

Why Working Out On A Pull-Up Bar?

There are many reasons why individuals should choose to work out on pull-up bars.

One of the obvious reasons is its cost-effectiveness and convenience. The users of pull-up bars don’t need to invest thousands of dollars in a gym membership or buy expensive equipment.

Moreover, you don’t need to spend hours and hours working on your body. Working out on the pull-up bar requires only a small amount of time to be invested in it every day. And you will get a fruitful result in just a few days.

To Push Or To Pull? This Is The Question

Many gym goers work on mirror muscles that they see in the image and neglect those that are not shown. This is especially true with respect to the upper body section of men who pay attention to their chests and biceps, neglecting the back.

To maximize a workout in a proper way, one should pay attention to all major muscles of the body. However, before that, one should understand the difference between pulling muscle and pushing muscle.

1. Pulling Muscle

The entire muscle of the back should be accustomed to the motion of pulling. The diamond-shaped trapezius at the shoulders extends its way down to the center of the back. The muscles in the back section get stronger with this pull-up exercise.

However, different muscles of the back respond differently, depending on the variations of the pulling motions.

2. Pushing Muscle

The pectoralis or pecs are considered primary muscles in the upper body section that is activated with upper-body pushing motions. The flat muscles of the chest and collarbone require pushing exercises to make them stronger.

Are You Neglecting Your Back?

While we work out at home, we neglect back exercises that have a great impact on the overall structure of the body. It usually has the biggest impact on the overall muscle development and strength.

Honestly speaking, if you don’t pay enough attention and train your back, you will never be able to achieve your physical goals. You need a solid back to build up your body.

You won’t be able to lift heavy weights if your back is not strong. That’s why bodybuilders pay equal attention to upper and back muscles. A thicker back means a shorter range of motion.

Therefore, if you want a physique that does not disappear or want to make it strong, then train your back because

Every workout counts and gets you one step closer to your goals.

A wide and thick back conveys strength and power to the body. Anyone who has been into strength training for a long time knows that the back is something that separates men from boys.

Pull-Up Exercise Anatomy

Best Back Exercises Without Any Equipment

Here, you will come to know about the best back exercises. Let’s have a look at them:

1. Front Plank

The plank is the powerhouse of core strength that works on the oblique and abs. It also helps to strengthen your glutes, quadriceps, and shoulders.

Developing strength and endurance for your core will protect your lower back from straining your back and from injury.

2. Side Plank

The side plank is also effective as a front plank. It is really good for strengthening your core, along with the oblique and abdominal muscles.

3. Bridge

The bridge exercise has several purposes which will strengthen your body from all aspects. It also helps to counteract the stress from our minds and body.

How To Do A Correct Pull-Up?

How To Do Pull-Ups

  1. Basically, a proper pull-up workout starts with hanging on a pull-up bar.
  2. Grip the bar with straight arms and pull your body up by pulling your elbows.
  3. Keep pulling until the chin passes the bar and similarly lower yourself down until your arms appear straight.

Repeat this movement as many times as possible. This is an upper-body complex exercise. You can also strengthen your arms by gripping the bar with your palms. These are called chin-ups, and they prove very effective to make strong and bigger muscles.

If you cannot do a chin-up, then jump above the bar and then lower yourself slowly. If you want, you can use a resistance band to help you perform it in that way.

Here’s a great infographic that shows you the steps you need to follow to build up to a pull-up:

Pull-up Guide

Pull-Up Workout

Now that you’ve learned how to perform a correct pull-up, let’s see what are the best 5 pull-up exercises that’ll help you get leaner:

1. Burpee Pull Ups

It is an advanced form of pull-up exercise that works on your pull-up strength and makes your heart beat faster.

To do this exercise, you need to stand in front of a pull-up bar and then drop into a stubby position placing your hands on the surface of the floor and then kick your feet back into the push-up position again and lower your body to the surface of the floor.

2. Chin Ups

Chin-ups mainly work on biceps and back muscles and also force your entire body to work together to pull yourself up to the bar which makes it an amazing all-round form of exercise.

3. Hanging Knee

The hanging knee is an effective exercise that prepares your body for a more difficult hanging exercise. Jump and grip a pull-up bar with your palms and make sure that you stretch with your shoulders wide apart.

Basically, pull-up bars are placed high enough so that your feet clear the ground, but can still do this if you have a doorway or a low bar. However, it will make you feel a bit awkward.

4. Knees To Elbows

This is an amazing pull-up workout that strengthens your back muscles. Grip the pull-up bar with your palms and place your arms, with your shoulders apart. After that swing your legs in and bring the knees to your chest.

5. Hanging Legs

Another core strengthening exercise is hanging legs, performing it with pull-up bars. To do this, grab the pull-up bar with your palms, tighten your abs, and pull your shoulders up and down by keeping your legs straight. Hold this position for a few seconds and then lower down your body.

Basically, we mainly try running and try out other similar activities to get rid of that extra weight. Well, a pull-up workout works really well to burn calories rather than running and performing push-ups.

Yes, you are hearing it right. Pull-up exercises not only get rid of those extra calories but also strengthens your body muscles. After performing this exercise for some time, even I received fruitful results in just a few days.

So, what are you waiting for? Start with your pull-up workout and build up an attractive and lean body. If you can, complete these 30-day challenges for both men and women:

30-Day Pull-Up Challenge For Women

Pull-Up Challenge For Women

30-Day Pull-Up Challenge For Men

30 Day Pull-Up Challenge For Men

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