Football Workout And Tips For The Entire Body

Football Workout And Tips For The Entire Body

Watch any Monday Night Football match-up and it’s clear that the game requires serious speed, strength and agility—elements worth working on, no matter our game. Swap this routine in for your regular workout twice a week to see results.

You’ll need: Three plastic cones, a stopwatch and about 15 yards of open space.

Your plan: “This football workout incorporates a dynamic warmup to prime the muscles for activity; agility drills to improve reaction and quickness; and components of strength, power and anaerobic endurance training,” says Johnson. The first four moves are your dynamic warm-up, so do them one right after the other. Then the fifth move will start building agility. Once you start getting stronger, feel free to repeat moves to challenge yourself!

The Total Body Football Workout

1. Hug It On

Stand with your feet together, then step your right foot out in front of you. Pause and raise your left leg, grabbing it at the knee and hugging it up toward your chest. Release your left leg and step into a forward lunge. Step out of the lunge with your right leg, repeating the grab, hug, release and lunge motions on the opposite side. Repeat, alternating legs and moving forward in a straight line, for approximately 15 yards.

football-workout-hug it on

2. Cradle Robber

Stand on your left leg while you cradle your right leg, pulling up equally at the knee and ankle with your hands to create a rotational stretch in the hip. Release your right leg and step forward into a single-leg Romanian deadlift, leaning forward at the hips and swinging your left leg behind you with your left knee slightly bent. As you return to an upright position, swing your left leg through your standing position and up in front of you, grabbing hold of and cradling your knee and ankle. Repeat, alternating legs and moving forward in a straight line, for approximately 15 yards.

football-workout-cradle robber

3. Side To Side Rock

Start with your feet in a wide stance, and lunge from side to side in a smooth rocking motion. As you push up out of the lunge, slide your left foot in to meet your right and immediately slide your right foot out into another wide stance, so that you are moving laterally (to the right) in a straight line. Continue for about 15 yards, then repeat, going back in the opposite direction.

football-workout-side to side rock

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