15 Minute Total Abs Workout With Christine Curry

15 Minute Total Abs Workout With Christine Curry

Today we’re gonna be doing a 15 minute total abs workout. Most of the time we’ll be on the ground, so you don’t need any fitness equipment except for your comfortable mat. These exercises will tone your ab muscles but there will be a lot of core moves too.

15 Minute Total Abs Workout

This total abs workout is a little tough so we’ll start with a stretching exercise.

1. Abs stretching

Laying down on your back, bring the knees to your chest. Than put your toes down with the knees bent and arms to the sides. Move your knees from side to side to stretch your abdominal muscles. Do 20 reps.

2. Basic crunches

Stay light in the toes, you don’t have to climb the heels. Put your hands behind your head like in the basic crunch position. Then lift your shoulders and head off the ground as high as you can and crunch up for 20 reps. Do not touch the ground with your head or shoulders.

3. Crunches with raised legs

Continue with the basic crunch and raise the left leg in and then the right leg in. Don’t crush your feet to the ground, let everything light. Do 20 reps.

Do the same exercise as the previous but with both legs raising together. Again, you need to do 20 reps.

 4. Side crunches

Stay in the basic crunch position. Drop the legs to the right side so that the lower body to twist and the upper body to stay center. Then lift your upper body in a straight line. Just think about shortening the space between the ribs and the hips. Do 20 reps.

Raise your legs from the ground and do another 20 reps.

Extend your left arm and perform another 20 reps.

Then drop the legs to the left side and repeat. (Total 60 reps.)

5. Reverse crunches

Lay down on your back with legs up and hands down. You can grab the edges of your mat if you need more stability. Lift the legs up and then press them down. The lower the legs go, the harder it is. Do 15 of these reverse crunches.

The total abs workout is presented in the video below. There are more than 30 abs exercises you can choose from. Enjoy!

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Total abs workout

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