Change Is The Key Of Getting Lean And Healthy

Change Is The Key Of Getting Lean And Healthy

Either you’re a male or you’re a female, getting lean it’s all just a matter of things done more often and things done less, or even avoided permanently. So to reach a healthy level of body fat percentage, to get a firm butt, a six pack abs and a rock solid body, you’ll probably need to do more stuff than you already are.

Things To Do More For Getting Lean

Getting lean it’s not an easy process, but as long as you follow these tips, the sky is the limit (and I’m not talking about Emily Skye):

  • Get more intense exercise and daily-life movement;
  • Eat more veggies;
  • Get more lean protein;
  • Eat more whole foods;
  • Plan your meals for an entire week (or at least 2-3 days in advance);
  • Rest and recover after each session of workouts;
  • Eat very slowly to figure out when your belly is full and stop overeating.

Things To Do Less For Getting Lean

Because there are so many unhealthy temptations in our social life, getting lean is not just about what to do, but more of what to do less, or what to avoid. Here are a few tips you need to consider:

  • Avoid drinks like alcohol, high-calorie coffee or any other high-calorie beverages;
  • Eat less processed foods;
  • Skip dessert;
  • Avoid eating from other reasons than hunger (you also eat when you’re bored, stressed, thirsty etc).

If you’re ready to make these adjustments, you’re ready not just to change, but to progress. You’ll improve your mood, sleep quality, overall health, physical appearance and so forth. There’s nothing else worth to compromise for, than your own health.

But if you decide these changes aren’t worth making, that’s fine. Just remember one thing:

You can not become what you want by remaining what you are.

In the end, getting lean is more of changing your habits and lifestyle, than dieting. But if you add a truly healthy diet (maybe The Half Day Diet) to these small adjustments, you might reach even less than 10% body fat. Stay fit!

The Key Of Getting Lean

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